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my home essay Today we are sharing with you an essay on the familiar topic of  my house. my home essay in 5 line, 10 line, 100, 200, 250, 300 and 500 words  short for class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9th and 10th class students Essay on big house are told here.

Short Essay On my home essay Language For Class 1,2,3,4,5 :  Every person gets true happiness and peace in his own home. Whether the house is small or big, raw or concrete, the label of belongingness in it is very close to the heart. I come from a middle class family. My house is also very small. I live in a small house in Shastri Nagar area of ​​Jaipur, where my parents and grandparents have lived for the last several decades.

Unlike other houses in the city, my one-storied house is like a heaven in the lap of Mother Earth, in which two living rooms, 3 bedrooms, a kitchen remain.

A separate room has been built recently for studying in our house, which we call the study hall, where all of us brothers and sisters sit and study. There is also a guest house in my house where usually our relatives stay when they come or the elders of the house take rest.

My house, built in the open, away from the narrow streets of the city, is quite airy. Which is made of marble stone whose floor is made with tiles. Our home is no less than a scenic spot in terms of decoration. Once someone comes, half an hour is spent just looking at the beautiful pictures on the walls. Our mother takes special care of keeping the house clean and tidy.

This is the reason why garbage etc. is not seen anywhere. There is also a small garden shaded from the house itself, in which the mind is filled only by seeing the greenery. Fragrant flowers drag me here every morning and evening. I voluntarily pour water into the beds of my plants. Even though my house is small, it is counted among the most beautiful houses in my areas. On entering the house, the feeling of peace arises in the mind as if you have gone on a pilgrimage.

my home essay 250 words For Class 5,6,7,8

my home essay – My home essay my home essay paragraph :  It is the house in which the love of all the loved ones resides. In which parents also live together, then they do not seem less than heaven. It doesn’t matter whether the house is big or small, just a house is a home. It is the destination of peace where all the members of the family wish to reach by the end of the day.

Peace of mind and sense of security of a person is found in the house itself. No one cares for anyone in the world, no one cares where and how you are, but only a home and a family member who cares about each other all the time. This is the reason why the phone starts ringing immediately if you do not reach home by the appointed time and that phone is also from home.

Coming home, we spend time among our loved ones. Cleaning care of your body can be done regularly at home. You must have also experienced the importance of home, when you were out one night, you would not have had a deep sleep on that day. In her bedroom, she used to fall asleep as soon as she lay on the bed.

Whenever the weight starts increasing on the mind in the house, we go out to play with the children or go to the worship house and offer prayers to God. In the winter season, they take a cot or a chair and go to the terrace to soak the body.

My house is full of decorative items. TV is installed in our meeting hall. When all the family members are free from work, then we all sit together and watch TV in this room. They have fun sitting together late at night and then go to sleep.

Our house gets decorated like a bride on the occasion of Teej festival and festival. Our neighbors also come as guests on this day. And all the children of the street area increase the festivity of the festival manifold. The elder sister regularly makes Rangoli in the courtyard of the house. My house is like a holy temple where all of us family members live life supporting each other with joy and gaiety.

Essay on my house

I grew up in a rural environment. My homes are different than modern homes in many ways. In the remote areas of Rajasthan, at a distance from the village, I have a house in the desert, which I have no idea when it was built. Because my house is very old, which was built by Grandfather.

Even though some buildings and buildings in the house are old and dilapidated, but among the people of my family who live in them, I find this the best house in the world. Red pink paint has been done on the house built of lime and stone. I also have a room in this house, which I have decorated with pictures of deities and have given the form of a temple, most of my time is spent in this room.

Father and uncle’s family lives in my house, in total 12 members, we live here together with great love. At times, there are conflicts between the members of the family. But they do not last long, but they also end after persuading each other and making them happy.

The biggest benefit a person gets from home and family is that they have a sense of collective security. In a good house and locality, he has a sense of insecurity, when he is ill, everyone is worried about him. Fellow members get them treated, they are helped in every way.

On the other hand, even in any kind of fight, the people of the family and the neighbors are their protection. In both happiness and sorrow, only the people of the house come to work. In our house there is a separate room for all the members and there is only one worship room for all the kitchen, playground and garden.

Our mother and aunt work together to cook food for all the members of the family. Grandmother spends most of her time in worship and having fun with her granddaughters. After coming from school, I go to the ground to play with my friends and brothers after having dinner.

We play cricket till the night falls, after which we do our duty in the garden of the house where it is my duty to water the plants. After finishing this work, I return to my study room, after having dinner for a few hours, all the people of the house go to the big hall to watch TV and after watching TV till late night, everyone goes to their respective rooms. I go to sleep.

Since our house is single storey, so the roof of the house is very big, iron stairs have been prepared to reach here. My grandfather is fond of reading books. In his spare time, he reads in a small library built on top of the roof, sometimes he also brings me with him and asks me to read and recite the book of his choice. I give narrations to Grandfather for hours, then he sends me to play, saying congratulations.

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