My Life Essay

Let us know about my life essay. It is a natural quality of man to be ambitious in this world. Every person desires to achieve something special in his life, similarly I also have a desire to serve the people by getting proper education in my life and working in a big position in future. Human beings have many types of fantasies. Everyone has imagination, but only a few people are able to fulfill the power and dedication to make the imagination come true. (My Life Essay)

Everyone wants to achieve the goal of ambitions. Man never does any work without purpose, every work of man is purposeful. A person works by keeping his goal in front. Our life is like a journey. If the traveler knows where he has to go, then he starts moving towards his goal, but when the traveler does not know his goal then his journey becomes meaningless. Similarly, if a student knows what he wants to become, then he starts trying in that direction and also becomes successful in his goal. When a student does not have any purpose then he does not know by achieving any goal in his life and his life becomes a normal life.

My childhood –

Childhood is the golden period of human life. Worry-free life, free life, and wandering anywhere without fear, ate whatever came in hand, the pleasure of sucking the thumb, and the feeling of gaiety in filling the gulp of milk, roaringly, with big pearl eyes. There are many such memories of calling the mother after shedding and wiping the tree and sticking it to the heart. (My Life Essay)

My childhood was spent in Deoria, a small village in Uttar Pradesh. Nothing can describe the beauty of my village. There is greenery of trees all around in my village. A huge pond is seen in the village. Half percent of the land in the village is covered with fields where the wealth of others grows. There is no answer to the river in the village where the purity of the water gives long life to the people there. My family consists of mom, dad, grandfather, and an older brother. Father is a teacher in the country’s Mayanagari Mumbai. Baba (Grandfather) is the sole advisor of the village. My family is very simple and our life is equally simple. (My Life Essay)

Childhood / first start of progress in life –

The first activity of a child in life is to play and play. When the child is a little older, he enters the school. At that time children understand that they have to become something in life and there are many goals in front of them. As he comes in contact with people, he comes to know about many goals and the curiosity of getting information about how to accomplish them increases. Sometimes he thinks that he will become a doctor and sometimes he thinks that he will become a teacher and sometimes he will become an engineer, and sometimes he thinks that he will become a scientist. (My Life Essay)

Different people have different dreams and different goals. Sometimes he wants to serve the patients by becoming a doctor, sometimes he wants to build buildings by becoming an engineer, sometimes he wants to serve the country by becoming a leader, sometimes he wants to protect the country by becoming a soldier, sometimes he wants to make the country proud by becoming a scientist.

Parents also imagine that they will make their child this, he will make it, want to see him in that position but in reality the decision has to be taken by the children themselves as to what they want to become in their life. Parents should not impose their will on their children, but give advice. Student period is very important in human life because it is equal to the cornerstone of human life. If the students set the goal of their life during this period, then they make life full of comforts and facilities and prove useful for their country and society.

Setting your goal in life

To set the goal of life and awakening, to meet the Divine Light by passing through the Tamil-laden path of the earth, to brighten the soul by the development of one’s qualities, to provide peace and happiness to the afflicted, the afflicted, the distressed man. symptoms. Some lazy people think of goal setting as pointless. They think that what is the benefit of cooking khyali casserole like Sheikh Chilli? Whatever has to happen in life, it will happen. In fact, this idea is a sign of cowardice, a sign of worthlessness. The set goal inspires man to move towards the definite path and infuses enthusiasm in the mind of the person. (My Life Essay)

Know your likes and dislikes and your skills in life

A person’s interest and talent play an important role in determining the life-goal. The ambition of earning fame in the field of science can be done only when the person has talent arrow and has the ability to study in scientific subjects. If this truth is not kept in mind in setting life-goal, then success will not be achieved and the path of failure will start appearing in life.

In Atharvaveda it is said, ‘The goal of every life is to grow and move forward.’ The environment of the house also gives inspiration in setting life goals. The same thing applies to me. Our family is a family of educated people. My father is a teacher. My elder brother’s two-three books have also been published, my mind is inclined towards becoming a doctor. Many weekly, fortnightly, monthly newspapers and magazines come here. Apart from this, children’s magazines, comic magazines, all kinds of best magazines, our family members see, read. India Today, Panchjanya’s files are in our house for many years. What can be my life goal in such an environment, it can be easily guessed.

My life goal is to become a doctor

I often hear my friends talking about what they want to be but I have already set my life goals. I have only one goal in life that I will grow up to be a doctor. By becoming a doctor, I will protect the country and society from diseases.

Some students want to become a doctor so that they can earn maximum money but that is not my aim. I want to become a doctor and serve the poor and the suffering. Some people walk on the wrong path even after achieving their purpose, they do not perform their duty well. I will not deviate from my duty after reaching my goal, I want to get such medical knowledge which people are not able to get due to lack of money. I want to become a doctor so that I can protect poor people from diseases. (My Life Essay)

I will tell them various ways to stay healthy like- how they should live, understand the importance of health and balanced diet, how to protect themselves from diseases, I will give my full contribution in all this. I want to serve my country and society by becoming a doctor. Today the corona pandemic is spreading in the country. Thousands of people are dying day by day due to corona virus. Many people have lost their families. When I grow up and become a doctor, I will save the citizen of the country from such an epidemic. I will try my best to save as many people as possible so that everyone can get well soon and live with their families.

goal attainment luck and effort to accomplish the goal in life –

The attainment of the goal is a coordinated result of destiny and effort, if one of the two deceives, then the attainment of the goal will not be impossible, only the life-stream will change. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajendra Prasad went on to become barristers, jurists; Destiny struck a blow, he became the creator of Bharat’s fortune. Aircraft crafter – The fate of Rajiv, who was busy in life, gave him the Prime Minister’s post. So both luck and your effort to accomplish the goal in life decide whether your goal will be achieved successfully or not.

Importance of your goal

The religious texts of ancient times also declare that the two classes of human beings have a great favor on the society. The first class is of teachers, who remove the ignorance from the people and make their lives meaningful by lighting the lamp of knowledge. The second class is that of the doctor or physician, who removes the diseases of the patient and gives him new life. Teaching and treating the sick are both sacred things and I have chosen one of these sacred goals as the goal of my life.

In our country, all the people who pass the medical examination, they open their separate clinics in the cities or cities and start depositing money and run towards foreign countries. Such doctors never understand their duty towards society and nation. They consider their goal only to make money. In today’s time innumerable such nursing homes have opened in the cities. The doctors working here are misleading the patients. This is a betrayal of his country and the people living in the country.

Strive to accomplish your goal –

I know very well that becoming a successful doctor is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work. It is very important to have compassion, compassion, and sympathy for the patients in the heart of the doctor. I have already started making efforts to fulfill this objective of mine.

The blessings of my parents are always with me. He also has a dream that I grow up to become a doctor. I want to become a doctor and teach lessons in the true sense to those people who become doctors to earn money from people. I want to establish such a nursing home in a rural area in which I can treat the poor and needy people at reasonable fees.

In today’s time, there is a great need of health services in rural areas. The Government of India is doing this work but it has its own limitations. I will work very hard to fulfill my objective. I will not rest till I become a successful doctor. I have to save the people of the country from every disease. I will do everything possible to cure the patients in the country so that happiness remains on the face of every family.

Epilogue –

I wish that I can achieve my goal successfully as soon as possible. I will take the cooperation of the local people as well as the social teacher to complete this work. I know this task is not that easy but with my determination and determination all things are possible. I pray to God to help me reach my goal. I am sure that my teachers, classmates and my parents will support me in my goal of becoming a doctor. I will work hard and hard to achieve my goal and by completing my goal in one day, I will make my family, society and country proud.