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Essay on my  parents Short Essay on Parents The best relationship in this world is that of parents. Parents always try their best to make their child better. Today we will read about God’s parents. 

Essay on Parents Essay on Parents

The parents who bring us into this world and support us in every situation in life are God for us. Which is received by us as a gift from God.

The place of parents is considered paramount in our life. Parents give love to their children throughout their life. enlarges them. And all their facilities are made.

Parents are revered, who provide us with more facilities than God. Parents can go to any extent for the happiness of their children. By sacrificing all their happiness, parents give happiness to their children.

Whatever age the children are, whether they become old, but the parents always care about them. The most sacred and birth perfect relationship of this life is that of parents. But some children are not able to bear this love relationship.

Parents are the people who have highest expectations. Parents are the first friends of the child. It is the parents who give us the values. Teach us to walk with truth in this world.

Parents take care of their children till the last breath, on this we also have a duty, that we too should serve the parents throughout our life. And give them respect. Heaven in this life is the parents only.

The modern age is of a different attitude. They go to the temples to meet the Lord, and leave the Lord sitting at home in the old age home, which is the worst karma of their life.

Parents are our true life partner, so we should respect them. One should serve the parents. Their wishes should be fulfilled. We are the lucky people of this world, we have parents.In human life, parents have been given the name of God. For every human being, nothing is more important than the parents in his life.

Essay on Parents – Essay on Parents

Parents take care of their children with selflessness. Parents consider their child’s happiness as their happiness and sorrow as their sorrow. They sacrifice their happiness for the happiness of their children.

Our childhood and parents

No matter how big a person becomes, but he is only a small, lovely child for the know-father. There is no such relationship in this world.

Which is to the parents of their child. Parents are such human beings. Those who want to make their child bigger than themselves. For this they are ready to do anything. They fulfill every wish of the child. 

Parents work hard day and night for their children and educate them. And considering every problem of the child as his problem, he finds a solution for it.

Parents give us new life, raise us up, give us good values. And make us able to live happily in this society. We can never repay the debt of our parents.

our youth 

Parents worry about their child’s future from birth to puberty, their life, marriage and job remains on the parents.

Parents have many expectations from their children. For example, getting a job after studying well, treating everyone well, becoming a stick of old age for the parents, etc. The hopes parents keep from their children.

They feel very happy on fulfilling these hopes of their parents. But many children of today’s age insult the parents by rejecting these hopes of the parents. Due to which the heart of the parents is sad.

Our old age and parents

There is a rule in this world. The person who is born He has to leave this world. In human life, only few people are able to live with their parents till old age. For parents, their children are worried till old age.

No matter how old a person is, he is still a child to his parents. The most love for your child is seen in the eyes of their mother.

Many people are mean. He gives more importance to his wife than to his mother. Which they get knowledge according to time.

old age of parents

Today’s people forget the importance of parents. Forgetting the love of parents towards us, they leave their parents in old age.

Shame on such people who cannot serve their own parents, those people have no value in living in this world.

Would we have grown up if our parents had left us? The answer is simple. No. 

We were kept very happy by our parents and served us so we get the only chance to pay off their debts, we should not leave it.

We must obey his orders. They should be kept happy all the time. We should respect them. We should serve our parents in our life. Which is considered our first duty. 

Parents’ debt in our life 

Parents are the gift of every person’s life. One day the mother also gave birth to God. Parents take care of us from birth till we grow up.

Supports us in every situation. How can we forget the debt of those parents. Even after serving our parents in our whole life, we cannot repay this debt even if we want to.

That’s why we should serve the parents. They should be supported at all times. There should be a feeling of love towards them.

There are many such people in this world. Those who do not have the luck to live with their parents. They leave their parents. And do pilgrimages for their own welfare.

Such people do not even get death. He has to face many stumbling blocks in his life. I have to say to such people. That there is no virtue in traveling.

The greatest virtue is the service of one’s parents. There is a Marwari proverb – “Parent ri karola seva to paavo la mishri ne meva” which means – life becomes successful by serving one’s parents.

Frequently Asked Question For My Parents Essay

How to write essay on parents?

Parents are revered, who provide us with more facilities than God. Parents can go to any extent for the happiness of their children. By sacrificing all their happiness, parents give happiness to their children. Whatever age the children are, whether they become old, but the parents always care about them.

What is the importance of parents in life?

Father and mother play an important role in our mental, physical, social, financial and career development. They help us in every step of our life. Parents are the most precious gift of God to human beings. When we are happy they are happy.

Why do I like my parent’s paragraph?

Parents are a great gift in one’s life. I cannot imagine my life without them. They are very loving and always take care of me. My father is Sanjay Pal (write your father’s name) and my mother is Sarbani Devi (write your own mother’s name).

What do our parents do for us?

Parents are the ones who provide us education and enable us to grow and thrive. They spend their lifetime money on our education so that we can live a better life in future. Parents are selfless creatures on earth who make a lot of sacrifices for our life and happiness.

Heaven is at the feet of parents, how to write?

Touching the feet of the mother gives strength, intelligence, knowledge and age. The mother gives birth to a child after suffering so many hardships, after that, by irrigating it with the nectar of her affection, she makes him grow up. Heaven is at the feet of parents, with their blessings we get success in every field. There is freedom from every pain.

What do you think is the duty of a child to his parents essay?

Answer. Respect your parents both in your thoughts and in your speech and behavior. Do not contemplate them with disdain or contempt in your heart. Do not speak disrespectfully, rudely, disrespectfully, or deftly to him or her.

How do you respect your parents?

When you want something, you pray to God or your parents for it. This wish is fulfilled by your parents. God commands you to respect your parents. Whatever religion you follow and whatever god you worship, they all teach you to respect your parents.

What can you do to help your parents?

We help our parents in many tasks like cooking food, cleaning the house, washing dishes, washing clothes, and do many other types of work which are possible for our parents. Huh. Because it is said that parents are the best, so we should serve our parents a lot.

What information did the child give about his parents?

The values ​​and culture of the child are acquired only because of the parents. They always encourage their child to be a good citizen. There are immense sources of bookish or theoretical knowledge for the child in school or at home today. Which we can also call information in other words.

Who is known for his ideal service to his parents?

There has never been a patriarch like Shravan Kumar. The sons who serve their parents with true heart are called Shravan Kumar.

Why should we respect our parents and teachers?

Answer. We should respect our parents and teachers as well as elders… If we respect parents and teachers then we learn good behavior, get respect, come close to their heart and we One gets good blessings from teachers, parents, elders as well as God.

What happens with the blessings of the parents?

Only the blessings of the parents bring one out of sorrows. The blessings of the parents play along. You too bow down and see, the threads of your vows will be fulfilled. Prayers convert every sorrow of elders into happiness.

Why should we be grateful to our parents?

Parents are the real blessings that God gives us as they stand by us in every phase of our lives. We all see many ups and downs in our life but only our parents are the ones who stand with you in every happiness and sorrow.

Respect parents What is the translation in Sanskrit?

Always serve your parents. Always Pitroh Sewa Kuru. We should always respect elders.

What work in your household do you help with?

If you’re not sure what to do in your home, don’t be afraid to ask them. Your parents will have some good works to help you. Sometimes helping your brother/sister with homework or completing a project is just helping with the housework.

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