My Village Essay

Friends, I will tell you in writing about my village essay. Everyone gets to write about my village Essay. Highly given to the students of class 5,6,7,8,9,10 in our school. It is very easy to write an essay on my village. I will write to you my village essay in 100,300 and 500 words. You also need to write in words to win.

Essay on my village in 100,300 and 500 words

Essay on my village in 100 words.

There is a very peaceful atmosphere in my village. The village is very peaceful away from the noise of the city. Here there is no dirty air coming out of the factories of the city. The air here is very fresh and pure. In urban areas, due to the dirty smoke coming out of factories, dirty water, drains, etc., diseases are spreading in the city in great quantity.

My village is away from these diseases because it is surrounded by trees, plants and greenery, due to which the villagers of the village get pure oxygen. 
There is also a lot of lack of sunlight in urban areas, due to lack of sunlight, people also suffer many types of diseases. But sunlight is available in sufficient quantity in the village, due to which the people of the village get less diseases. 

Essay on my village in 300 words.

There is a lot of greenery around my village, due to which the people of my village are more healthy than the people of the cities. Due to lack of employment opportunities in the village, people left their villages and went to the city to earn money so that they could feed their families. There may be a lot of employment in the city, but the people of the village have only one job, that is to work in the farm barn. The farmers of the village may be illiterate but they are very honest towards their village and country.

Due to many factories in cities, there are many types of diseases, but my village is far away from these diseases because there is greenery all around in my village, there are many trees, due to which we get pure air to breathe.

The people of my village are much healthier than the people living in urban areas. Whatever the people of the village eat, they eat fresh. But the people of the city buy and eat vegetables kept from some days.
The importance of the village is for the whole country because the people of the village work in the fields and then go and feed the people of the city.

There is a lot of employment in the city but there is no other employment in the village except agriculture, the people of the village are not even educated enough to go to the city and do any employment. The people of the village were good but they were dishonest towards others. If you do not have bad feelings towards others, they all consider them like their brothers. In my village we get to see the peacock bird which is called the national bird of our nation. 

There will be some birds or animals in your village which will not be in anyone else’s village. When he used to take summer vacation in the village. So we used to go to our grandmother’s house where we were getting a lot of love and our favorite place used to be our grandmother’s house in the village.

Essay on my village in 500 words

My village is very lovely, everyone’s village feels lovely, there is an atmosphere of peace all around in the village, people help each other with a lot of love. There is no deceit in the minds of people, everyone does their work towards anyone and helps people.

The people living in the city areas get to hear a lot of noise of vehicles, due to this there is a lot of peace in the isolated village. In urban areas, many diseases spread due to the toxic waste water coming out of factories, which make the people living in the city more sick.

The people living in the village get pure air and pure water because greenery trees are planted all around the village, due to which we get good oxygen which is very beneficial for our body. The people of the city fall very ill because they do not get the sun’s rays well there, but in the village, the sun’s rays are well received by the people, due to which many diseases are removed.

By doing farming in the village, the laborers feed themselves and their families and due to their farming, the people of other families of our country get food.
In the areas of the village, there is a forest all around, trees are planted, due to which pure air and more trees, there is sufficient amount of rainfall in the village, due to which farmers get farming and drinking water.

There is an atmosphere of peace in the village, which is very different from the environment of the city, going to the village gives peace to our mind, we get a lot of happiness. The farmers of the village cultivate wheat, rice, gram, sugarcane, history, similar cultivation will be done in your village, my village is a very peaceful village, here people care more about others than themselves.

No matter how much people live in the city, but when it is summer vacation, people go to their own village. Due to the presence of big trees in the village, we get air and shade even in summer, due to which we do not feel the heat and the day passes in a good way.


It is concluded from this blog that my village lives very peacefully, there all the people are very healthy and there are less diseases in the village.

Frequently Asked Question For My Village Essay

How to write essay on my village?

My village is surrounded by fields from all sides and here you can see different types of flowers, trees and plants. In my village there is so much peace in the morning that the chirping of birds sounds very sweet. In my village all the people live together and it is usually a joint family. The main occupation of the people here is farming and animal husbandry.

What type of essay is my village?

Children of small classes are asked to write short essay essays on subjects like Mera Gaon, Hamara Gaon, Adarsh Gaon, Dirt Free Village etc.

How do you write the history of the village?

The history of Indian villages is actually believed to date back to the Vedic era when the states consisted of a major city and several villages. Villages were clusters of houses and the surrounding land was cultivated by the villagers. The concept of villages in India flourished towards the end of the Vedic period or during the reign of the Mauryas.

What is the definition of village?

Villages or villages are called small human settlements, whose population is between a few hundred and five thousand and where a large population is associated with agriculture and other traditional professions. In the census, the whole country is kept in two groups. Town and Countryside.

What is the main base of the village?

Caste system is the main basis of social stratification. The means of social control in villages are informal. Religion, customs and customs control their life. Religion is the center of the life of the villagers.

How many villages are there in India in 2020?

There are 6 lakh, 49 thousand 4 hundred 81 villages in India, the maximum village is in Uttar Pradesh, and the least village is in Chandigarh, 1 lakh 7 thousand 7 save 53 villages in Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh has only 13 villages.

How is a village formed?

If we talk about determining the village, then the village is an area where the population is less than 5000.

How many types of villages are there?

  • developed environment
  • city
  • megalopolis
  • Rural
  • suburb one
  • town
  • urban

What is a group of villages called?

Such a group of villages was called ‘Nadu’. The village council and nadu performed many administrative functions such as administering justice and collecting taxes.