Myschool Essay

Let’s know about MySchool Essay. Vidyalaya means the school or home of learning, meaning the place where learning takes place. In our sanskars, Vidya has been given the place of Goddess and the school has been given the likeness of ‘Temple’. My school is such a subject, on which it is often given to write essays etc. We spend the most important time of our life in our school. We have many memories attached to school. That’s why school is very important in everyone’s life.

It is said that the most important part of life is our childhood. Every moment of childhood should be lived freely. There is neither the burden of responsibility nor the tension of career. I mean only myself. Such a wonderful time never comes again in life. And our school bears witness to all these fun moments.

Myschool Essay

my school location

The name of my school is Bal Niketan. It is situated in a very quiet environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is greenery all around it. Due to which the environment remains pure and we also get pure air. We play in the shade of the trees on the side during lunch time.

My school is a short distance away from my home. That’s why I reach school on foot. The diameter of my school is huge. There are beautiful flower beds all around it. There is also a big playground right next to it, which is called Krida Maidan.


Since my school is government, it is equipped with all the amenities. Every year the result of our school is 100%. My school is counted among the best schools in the city. Every year in my school, there is an annual festival, in which many types of cultural programs are organized, in which the children who pass in every competition are rewarded. I eagerly wait for that moment, because every year I come first in my class. And on this occasion, big officials come and reward the meritorious children with their own hands.

The moment is very unforgettable, when your name is called from among thousands of children, and you are greeted with thunderous applause as you go on stage. You suddenly become special from ordinary. Everyone starts recognizing you. It is a wonderful experience that cannot be put into words. It feels great that I am a student of this school.

Myschool Essay 2 (400 words) – Role of the School


I like my school very much. Our school plays an important role in making our future better. One cannot ignore its usefulness. School is what makes us special out of the ordinary. Discovers our hidden talents. Makes us interview ourselves.

definition of school

Vidyalaya means the school or home of learning. A place where education is imparted through study and teaching.

school vision

The school tradition is not new. Our country has been a source of knowledge for centuries. We have had Gurukul tradition here since time immemorial. Even great kings used to leave their royal splendor and go to Gurukul for the attainment of knowledge. Even the incarnations of God Shri Krishna and Shri Ram also went to Gurukul Ashram to study. The place of Guru is above even God, he has given such a lesson to the world.

role of school

The most important time in life is our childhood. This is the time when we live only for ourselves. make friends. Laughs, cries with friends. Experience the real joy of life. Our school is with us in all these happy moments.

Sometimes our teachers become closer than parents. We are ready to stop and take care of you at every step. Due to the fear of parents, many children tell their problems to their teachers. Only a teacher shows the right path to the life of a student.


Schools are both public and private. Nowadays such people have got the impression that only private schools take education. This assumption is wrong. Many schools take advantage of this. Every parent wants to give the best education to their children. But not everyone is in a position to pay the hefty fees of these schools.

Nowadays education has become commercialised. Everyone is just busy filling their pockets. No one cares about the future of the children. Day by day the standard of education is deteriorating. School is the only means from which the future of the country is created. The government has made many rules in this regard. But only the general public has to follow it.

Myschool Essay 3 (500 words) – Characteristics and Types of School


The name of my school is Higher Secondary School. The campus of my school is very big. There are four buildings of two floors each in my school. There are big trees all around it. It has more than fifty big rooms. Each room has large windows and two doors each. There are three big playgrounds, there is also an adjoining basketball court.

There are more than fifty teachers in our school. Everyone is very kind and friendly. He helps the children in every possible way.

Features of the school

The National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF 2005) and Right to Education 2009 (RTE 2009) have laid down certain standards, according to which the school structure and environment should be. The National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF 2005) has taken important steps to improve the quality of education in India. Which has also proved to be very effective. RTE 2009 has described the special and important role of the school in the overall development of the students. It is the responsibility of the school to take care of every small and big needs of the children.

Some of the features as per the standard are as follows-

  • There should be a calm atmosphere.
  • There should be trained teachers.
  • The school should have excellent performance in the board examinations.
  • Regular homework should be given.
  • Continuous evaluation method should be adopted for evaluation of students.
  • There should be a library and reading room for self-study.
  • Extra-curricular activities should be emphasized.
  • There should be a system of competitive examinations in different subjects
  • The teaching rooms should be spacious and airy.
  • According to the instructions of CBSE, grading system has been implemented in place of marks in class 9 and 10 from the session 2009-2010 itself, which should be followed.
  • There should be proper arrangement of soft drinking water.
  • Proper toilets should be provided.
  • There should be proper arrangement for physical, yoga, dance and music education.
  • Debate competition etc. should be organized for the interaction and mental development of the students.
  • The annual magazine of the school should be published, in which the meritorious children of every field should be mentioned.
  • There should be a smart classroom system in all the classrooms.

school type

From childhood till we grow up, we study in different schools. There are also many types of schools, such as

  • Anganwadi – In Anganwadi, usually young children are taught to sit and do other basic things.
  • Primary School – The primary school consists of studies from one to five.
  • Secondary School – In this system education is given from 1st to 8th standard. Sometimes it is even from class six to eight.
  • Higher Secondary School – Education up to class XII is conducted here.


When we are enrolled in school, we are little plants at that time. Our school makes us a big tree by irrigating it. and makes this world habitable. We spend the most important moments of our life in our school. Growing up, we remember most of the times we spent in school.

Frequently Asked Questions For Myschool Essay

How to write myschool essay?

In my school, children from class 1 to 12 are given education. There is a huge playground in my school in which children can play football and cricket easily. Education in my school is very good principal and teachers. All kinds of sports training is given in my school.

What to write about the school?

In my school, along with studies, attention is also paid to personality development and physical development. The result of my school is always good, all the students of our school always pass with good marks. In my school, food is given to the students like in other schools so that no poor student remains hungry.

How do you write about school?

School is the place where education is taken. “School is an institution where the physical, mental, intellectual and moral qualities of children are developed. The word ‘school’ is used in the Anglo language for the word ‘school’, which is derived from the Greek word ‘skohla’ or ‘ Skhole’, which means – ‘Vacation’.

What is the suffix in school?

According to the dissolution of the school ‘long vowel sandhi’, ‘Vidya + Aalaya = School’ and the rule is ‘Aa + Aa = Aa’. Thus it is an example of a long vowel joint.

What is the root word of school?

Like- Vidya + Aalaya = School, Prati + Upkar = Pratyapkar, Manah + Har = Manohar etc.

What does student mean?

A student is a person who is learning something. Vidyarthi is made up of two words – “Vidya” + “Arthi” which means ‘Seeker of Knowledge’. A student can be of any age group, child, adolescent, youth, or adult. But the important thing is that he must be learning something.

What is the difference between student and disciple?

What is the difference between student and disciple? The interest of the student is: in collecting intellectual information i.e. intellectual informative knowledge, in strengthening his mental memory. The disciple has a deep curiosity: in learning the art of self-transformation.