National Safety Day

In order to increase security awareness among the people, as well as to remember the establishment of this program on 4th March, National Safety Day / Week Campaign is celebrated every year in India. The National Security Council of India is a self-governing body (non-profit and non-governmental organization for public service) established on 4 March 1966 under the Societies Act in Mumbai with 8000 members. It is a nationals movement on annual basis to reduce and save their economic loss and loss of life including various human problem by benefiting them with safety, health and environmental related support service.

It is celebrated with great enthusiasm to make people aware about how to avoid industrial accident by performing a massive safety awareness program in private sectors which is not covered by any safety law. During the celebration of the campaign throughout the week, a variety of special activities are displayed for the people in need of security.

National Security Day / Week 2021 (National Security Day)

National Safety Day/Week is a one-week security campaign celebrated every year from March 4 (Thursday) to March 10 (Wednesday).

national safety day 2020 special

  • The theme of Nationals Safety Day 2020 is “Enhance safety and health performance by use of advanced technology”.
  • Addressing the National Security Council on this occasion, Honorable Narendra Modi ji has written a letter with best wishes. In which he mentioned the continuous efforts of the National Security Council in the progress of the country and described it as unforgettable.

National Safety Day / Week Celebration

It is celebrated by the simultaneous association of government and non-government organizations including health organizations and industry members. All centrally designed advertising materials and useful printing (badges, stickers, banners, instruction cards, posters, wallets, leather belts and bags) with SHE slogans and messages by the Council to achieve the following goals provide.

  • For the convenience of the members of the organization organizing the campaign.
  • About assuring about quality goods which reflect the national SHE issue.
  • To generate assistance from the organization to contribute to the economic self-confidence of the National Security Council.

To organize this campaign, a national level and secure government support was given to the members. This campaign has been well planned to make it very clear among the people through effective use of electronic media, newspapers and other industrial magazines.

Films on SHE issue are screened by the employees of the organization during the celebration of Suraksha Kasam programme, campaign, workshops, educational programmes, drama and song plays, banner exhibition, safety prize distribution, essay competition, posters and slogan distribution of safety messages, The following nationals level activities like discussions, seminars and various public functions take place throughout the week.

In order to fulfill their responsibility very well, educational programs based on safety activities are kept for the industrial workers on various subjects. During the teaching session, they are taught about custom vessel testing and testing, machine lifting, chemical and electrical safety, risk handling and assessment, fire control and first aid knowledge, etc.

Aim to celebrate National Safety Day/Week

  • National Safety Day/Week is celebrated at nationals level across the country to make people aware about safety including various health and environmental movements.
  • It is celebrated to achieve the goal of large-scale people’s participation to play the main security role in different industrial areas.
  • It promotes the use of a participatory approach by company owners by promoting safety, health and environmental activities among its employees.
  • Through this campaign need based activities, self-compliance with legal requirements and professional SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) activities are promoted among the employees at workplace.
  • Workplace safety is promoted on a large scale by reminding the employer and employee of their legal responsibility to other employees.
  • To achieve the goal of developing and strengthening SHE activities among people at workplace.
  • To serve the society with scientific state of mind and protective culture by organizing a protective approach.

National Safety Day/Week Theme

  • The theme for the year 2021 is “Learn from Disaster and Prepare for a Safer Future”.
  • The theme of the year 2020 was “Enhancing the quality of safety and health with the help of modern technology”.
  • The theme for National Safety Day and National Safety Week in 2017 was “Keep each other safe”.
  • The theme for National Safety Day and National Security Week in 2016 was “Strong Security Movement to Achieve Zero Harm”.
  • The theme of National Safety Day/Week 2015 was “Building a Safety Culture for Sustainable Supply Chains”.
  • The themes of National Safety Day/Week 2014 were “Stress Management and Risk Control at Workplace” and “Safety: It Takes Our Everything”.
  • The theme of National Safety Day/Week 2013 was “Work together to ensure a safe and healthy workplace”.
  • The theme of National Safety Day/Week 2012 was “Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Environment – ​​A Basic Human Right”.
  • The theme of National Safety Day/Week 2011 was “Establishing and Sustaining a Protective and Preventive Health Culture”.
  • Theme of National Safety Day 2018 – “Safety is not our priority, it is our value” (Safety is not our priority, it is our value)
  • Theme of National Safety Day 2019 – “Security of Industrial Establishments”