NCC Full Form

Let’s know about NCC full form. In today’s time, lakhs of youths who have the zeal to die for the country, want to join the defense service like police, army etc.

Getting a job in defense and serving the country gives a different kind of happiness, as well as respect and respect is given by the citizens of the country. There may be different reasons for joining the army for different students, but the most important and most important thing is given in patriotism to do something for the country.

Because there are many ways to earn money. If only money is to be earned then why would anyone risk his life but it is the love of patriotism that inspires the youth to go to any extent.

You must be thinking that why am I talking about Defense and Army, Police etc. today? Actually today’s topic “NCC” is related to all these. In today’s article, we will know what is the full form of NCC , what is NCC, benefits of NCC, in how many years it is completed, qualifications required for this etc. . So let’s get started.

NCC Full Form: What is NCC, its benefits

The full form of NCC is “National Cadet Corps” (National Cadet Corps). In this way NCC full form will be “National Cadet Corps”.

What is NCC?

NCC is a voluntary organisation. You can call it the youth group coming under the three wings of the Defense Service (Jal Force, Army and Air Force).

In this, youth from school and college are recruited and learn how to live life with patriotism and service spirit.

What is the purpose of NCC, when is NCC Day celebrated? The aim of NCC is Unity and Discipline (Motto of NCC is Unity and Discipline).

Who can join NCC and how?

In the Navy or Air Force wing, the non-medical students get direct admission but the general subject student has to clear the exam. Accordingly they get admission. In many places, if the vacancy is vacant, then there is an admission without examination.

How many years training is required in NCC?

The training of NCC is for two years in the junior division and three years in the senior division. It may also have an extension of one year.

Don’t fret if these words are new to you. By reading the next section NCC age limit you will get all clear.

Age Limit For NCC

NCC Age Limit: Before knowing the age limit for NCC, you must understand its division.

NCC boys group is called division and girls group is called wing. They are divided into two categories Junior and Senior.

The age limit for NCC Junior has been kept from 12 to 18.5 years. If we look at class wise, then the students up to 10th class come in the junior category. In NCC Senior, students above 10th come, for this the age limit is maximum 26 years.

You must be a student of any school or college. Only those people can join NCC, who are physically fit.

How to Join NCC

 The way to join NCC is very easy. You join NCC while studying in school or college and you are given training while studying.

If there is an NCC unit in your school and college, then you have to talk to the in-charge there. You are made to fill a form and after passing the physical test you get joining.

If there is no NCC in your institute, then you can join NCC through open category in any nearby institute after taking approval from the commanding officer there. To do this, your principal has to give “NOC”.

What is the benefit of NCC Certificate.

Now let’s talk about NCC certificates. From time to time some certificates are given to NCC cadets which are named as A , B and C. Understand the basis on which they are given.

NCC Certificate A

NCC Certificate A – This bus is given to the students of Junior Division and for this two years NCC training is necessary.

NCC Certificate B

NCC Certificate B – It is given to the students of Senior Division. For this also two years of training is required.

NCC Certificate C

NCC Certificate C – This is also for senior division students. For this, three years of training is required.

NCC ke interactions

Friends, by reading the above section on what to do in NCC, you must have understood that how your personality improves by joining NCC. now know that

How are the benefits of NCC available in the career.

If you have NCC certificate then you can easily get entry in Para Military Services like BSF, CISF, SSB. In this the bonus marks are like this.

A certificate-2%

B certificate- 3%

C certificate- 5%

There are many other benefits of NCC-

A certificate holder gets 5% and B certificate holder gets 10% bonus marks for soldier rank in the army.

In the CDS exam, a normal student has to go through the stages of written test, medical test and interview. On having NCC C certificate, there is only medical test and interview. If we talk about army officer rank, then there is also a provision of later entry for those with C certificate. Similarly, bonus numbers are also given to those with NCC certificate in Navy and Air Force.

Some vacancies in the Defense Service are taken out only for the C certificate.

  •  Many constables in some states also give bonus marks to candidates having NCC certificate in recruitment.
  • If you want to do tracking, mountain climbing courses, then NCC certificate comes in handy there too.
  • NCC cadets get help in college admission. That is, if you have an NCC certificate, you get bonus marks. In some places, there is also a discount in fees.
  • Take you through the camp to explore new places, and also get a chance to increase your knowledge.
  • Training received in NCC also enhances your skills.
  • Discipline, patriotism are also developed in the cadets.

What are the trainings in NCC?

Now we will get information about the training of Army, Navy, Air wing.

  • In NCC, cadets are taught to parade. 
  • Rifle drill training is given. 
  • All types of pistols or guns are a taught caste.
  • Trap shooting is taught.
  • Parasailing is done.
  • In the Air Wing, cadets are trained to fly microlight aircraft. They are given information about navigation.
  • In the Navy wing, cadets are given training in sailing. They are taught rescue operation. Navigation information is given. 
  •  Swimming is taught.

You can join it while studying in school or college. After training in NCC cadets, a sense of self-confidence and service to the country is developed. After training three certificates are available A, B and C, those who have C certificate of NCC are exempted from CDS written exam.

C certificate holder can go to defense only after clearing medical and interview. Candidates with NCC certificate also get bonus marks in defence.

NCC Full Form: Conclusion

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information of NCC like what is NCC, full form of NCC, how to prepare for NCC, what are the benefits of doing it, when and who can do NCC. could. join etc.