NDA Full Form

When it comes to jobs, the popularity of army recruitment is the identity of India. On hearing the name of NDA, the blood of patriotism starts running in our veins. It is every youth’s dream to join NDA. But perhaps even today the youth do not know how to enter the field of NDA, how to prepare for it, as well as how the NDA exam is conducted, etc. The youth are ignorant of things. So today we will inform you about all the information related to NDA. Serving the country has become a great desire for the youth. Millions of survivors work hard day and night to join the army. But good guidance is needed to join the army. NDA is a good medium to fulfill your dream of going in defence. Let us know through this article what is NDA, what is the full form of NDA, how is the exam for NDA, what is the qualification required etc.

NDA Full Form: What is NDA?

NDA which means ” National Defense Academy “. It is a combined army academy for the top recruits of the three armies of India, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. Through this, we work in different top posts of the army.

It is one of the top jobs in India. Often after doing 12th in his country, the youth does not understand in which field he has to go. Because of this, he fails to make his career. Even after getting close to the target, he is not able to reach the target. You can easily go into it after 12th but some people are not able to go due to lack of knowledge about it.

How NDA Exam is conducted

Let us tell you that there are 2 papers in NDA exam. Both the papers are compulsory for all streams and the format is of multiple choice questions. Where the candidate can give the paper in both Hindi and English mode.

There are four options available in this paper, out of which one has to choose. The first paper is of mathematics in which more than 120 questions are asked. This total is of 300 marks. The second paper is of General Ability Test. In this paper, first 50 questions are from General English and 100 questions are related to General Knowledge. 

It is very important for the candidate to be physically fit for NDA as its medical test is very difficult. If there is a slight problem in your body then you will be stopped from going further. That’s why the students preparing for NDA always keep on exercising, exercising and running so that their body remains healthy.  

In today’s time it is very easy to pass NDA exam, you just have to study diligently. For this you can take the help of best book. At the same time, in today’s era, the Internet is no less than a boon for us.

We can get more and more information from internet. At the same time, some children can also take recourse to online coaching or offline coaching.

On the other hand, NDA interview is also very difficult to get. But students who practice continuously can easily pass all these exams.

Who can fill NDA Form

Every year more than 1 lakh firms are filled for NDA exam in India. Every time a new cutoff is issued in a different way. In this, both male and female forms can be filled.

Till now in India only men could join NDA. But in the last few years the door has been opened for women as well. NDA’s training is for three years. The youths start getting their salary during the training itself. If we talk about the starting salary, then it is 30 to 35 thousand. Along with this, different facilities are also provided.  

When to apply for NDA

NDA exam is conducted twice a year in which the first NDA exam is usually conducted in April, for which the form has to be filled in January. Whereas NDA-2 takes place in September, whose information comes in June.

What is the age limit for NDA? – Age limit for NDA

Most of the youth of 16 years to 19 years can take admission in NDA. But from time to time, there is a change in its age from the side of the government, whose information is given only at the time of vacancy. 

Eligibility for NDA

Talking about the educational qualification for NDA, you must have passed 10+2 from any government school. Sometimes students going to appear for 12th exam can also apply for it.

Who can apply for NDA

Before filling this form, you must be a citizen of India, against whom there is no criminal case registered. Along with this, it is also necessary for the student to have documents issued by the Government of India, which now includes things like Aadhar card, PAN card, home documents etc. 

From time to time, many changes are also happening in this from the Government of India. For which information is given only at the time of job vacancy. You can go to all the three parts of the army through this, for this you have to think in advance that in which area we have to go. So that you do not have to face any kind of trouble. 

Sometimes students fill the form of all three in a hurry, but later they start having problems. Because all the three exams have different pattern, different system, different rules. 

The biggest thing is that the student should first read the book related to his class regularly because whatever questions are asked are mostly related to their celebs. If you want to give NDA exam, then you should keep paying attention to some newspapers and current events.

CRPF Full Form: Conclusion

Through today’s article, you were provided with very special information related to NDA Full Form. That is what I believe, as an Indian citizen, it is also important for you to know because the armies of our country had to struggle for a long time to liberate India. In order that such a situation does not arise again, it is very important that the border area of ​​our country is safe and for this we should be recruited in the army.

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information of CRPF like NDA, NDA full form , How is NDA exam?, NDA preparation, eligibility, what is the age limit should etc.