NSS full form

Almost everyone knows a little bit about NSS . But today through this blog we will provide you complete information about it. By the end of this blog you will know what is NSS , full form of NSS , what is its purpose and why NSS is so famous in schools and colleges of India . Let’s get started.

NSS full form:

Before proceeding further about NSS , it is necessary to know what is the full form  of NSS .

The full form of NSS in English is : “National Service Scheme “

The full form of NSS is : “National Service Scheme” (National Service Scheme)

What is NSS?

National Service Scheme (NSS) is a public service initiative run by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. NSS provides opportunities to 11th and 12th class students, students of technical institutions, undergraduate and postgraduate students at the college and university level to participate in various government-led community service activities and programs.

Indian youth are given practical experience of doing community service through various NSS activities from an early age .

Let us now know the history of the beginning of  NSS .

How did NSS start? 

NSS was started on 24 September 1969. The University Grants Commission, under the direction of S Radhakrishnan, suggested the introduction of voluntary national service in educational institutions after India gained independence.

The Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) reconsidered this proposal in its meeting in January 1950. Taking into account the experiences of other countries in this area, CABE recommended that students and teachers be involved in voluntary social work. In 1952, the government also stressed the need for Indian students to do one year of social and labor service in the first five-year plan.

In 1958, Jawaharlal Nehru discussed making community service necessary at the undergraduate level. He entrusted the Ministry of Education to develop a suitable plan for introducing national service in educational institutions.

Do you know that Delhi University’s K. Of. Gupta is recognized for being the first NSS volunteer.

What is the objective of NSS?

The principle or motto of  NSS makes its purpose clear.

The principle of NSS is “Not me but you” i.e. “Not me but you” . It means putting society before oneself. NSS instills in the students a sense of social responsibility and unwavering devotion to the community. NSS volunteers ensure that all the needy get help so that they can raise their standard of living and live with dignity. Volunteers help those in need in natural and man-made disasters by providing food, clothing and first aid to disaster victims. 

Not only this, through a variety of activities it is ensured that the volunteers develop the qualities to become efficient social leaders and administrators, as well as have a good understanding of human nature. 

What are the benefits of being an NSS volunteer?

  • Helps in building the character of  NSS member.
  • These members are more preferred at the time of admission or employment opportunities. 
  • It helps in developing democratic mindset and leadership skills.
  • It provides many opportunities to college and university students to shape their personality through volunteer work.
  • The youth feel that they are also involved in the process of building their country. 
  • The interactions of the basti residents and the volunteers with the local people modify their social vision by highlighting the reality of life.
  • Positive attitude, self-confidence, courage and patience are developed in the youth.
  • It also helps in organizational skills, administrative abilities and overall personality development. 
  • The NSS explains the realities of life to its members and keeps them more grounded. 

Major activities of NSS

Let us now know about some of the major activities of NSS:

  • National Integration Camp/ National Integration Camp (NIC): Every year, these camps are organized for a week at various places across the country and include day and night boarding and accommodation. 200 NSS volunteers are required in each camp to carry out the planned activities . The main objective of these camps is to make Indian youth aware about the rich cultural diversity and history of their country, to generate a sense of national pride and to integrate the nation through social service. 
  • Adventure programmes: Every year 1500 volunteers participate in these camps, out of which at least 50% are girls. The program offers adventure sports such as mountaineering, river rafting, parasailing and simple skiing. 
  • National Youth Festivals/ National Youth Festivals : These are organized by the Government of India from 12 – 16 January every year. The main objective of this activity is to inform the volunteers about the various festivals celebrated in the country, to make the volunteers understand the culture and importance of festivals of their country, to give an opportunity to the NSS volunteers to talk to the resource person, speaker or youth icon. Is. 
  • NSS Republic Day Parade Camp NSS Republic Day Parade Camp: Every year, between 1st – 31st January, 200 NSS volunteers who excel in discipline, marching past and cultural events attend this camp in Delhi. Interaction of volunteers with other members from other regions of India, raising awareness about the traditions, customs, cultures and languages ​​of all Indian states, and building bonds of patriotism, national unity, brotherhood and inter-group harmony. are the main goals.

National Service Scheme Award / National Service Scheme Award: In addition to these, to honor volunteers, NSS program officers, NSS units, University/Senior Secondary Councils and National Service Scheme units, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India has launched National Service Scheme Awards established.

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NSS full form: Conclusion

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