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PDF Full Form: In today’s time, the latest technology has made our work very easy. Internet and smartphones have made people very smart. A lot of changes have taken place in the field of education since Corona. At present, there are many such apps which have made the work of the student very easy.

Students can often exchange their notes very easily through their phones. You must have heard the name of pdf in this context. Through PDF, we convert any of our normal photo and text files to pdf file. In this case, it turns into a portable document.

Teachers usually use pdf files mostly. The utility of pdf is very high in today’s time. And it is most commonly used to send the document by converting it to pdf.

For example, suppose you have a large file of MS Word. If you have to send it to someone for an important purpose, then you can easily convert it to pdf format and share it. Anyone to whom you have sent the email can easily open it on your computer or mobile and view the document. So in today’s article, we will know in detail about the topic of what is PDF ( what is PDF) , full form of pdf , how to create PDF ( How to create pdf) , pdf converter etc.

PDF full form: What is PDF, how to create?

People are generally confused about the full form of Pdf. This is especially for those having knowledge of the technical field. By the way, looking at the usefulness of PDF in today’s time, everyone must be aware of its full form, as you have about social media.

The full form in PDF English term is ” portable document format “. Users know it as PDF according to their convenience.

Only technical people will know this thing that after converting to pdf, the size of the file also decreases. With this, you can easily share and open the appropriate file and see the document on which subject it is based.

Different types of files are present in our mobile or computer which are of different formats. For borrowing, a video file is in HD, MP4, format, an audio file is in MP3 format, an image file is in JPG, PNG, etc., just like PDF is also a type of file format.

The full name of PDF is Portable File Format. It is like a wallet in which money, ATM, necessary papers etc. are kept, in the same way data, images and even audio or video can be inserted in the form of text in PDF.

Nowadays books are also available in the form of pdf, which has the advantage that you can keep it in your mobile or computer and open it wherever you want and read it.

How to create PDF file

There are many ways to create PDF which are useful for different devices. If you want to create PDF from mobile then there are many apps available for this. You can also create PDF from computer, by taking the help of online website.

As in computer we understand by example to save a file in the format of PDF.

1. First of all you have to open that file of yours. Which you actually want to convert to pdf. In the next link, you have to click on the file type.

2. After this, users have to proceed by selecting save as on the backstage screen.

3. You have to select that place on the save as screen next to it. Where users actually want to save the PDF file. Like pen drive, PC or in any folder.

4. If some users also want to change the name of this particular file, then these features are also present in it. You can save it directly by renaming the file.

At the same time, some users often have a question that they have MS Word and in such a situation, they have to resort to some technology to convert a file to PDF, so in such a situation, for information, let us tell you that you can use other options for this. can be used, which are mentioned below.

Google Drive is a good option for creating PDFs:

Users can upload their Word document to Google Drive if they want. For this, they just have to convert them to PDF by converting them to Google Documents. Yes, Google also gives a lot of features for your document, in which there is also a feature that you can upload your file to google drive and convert it to PDF.

Via any Pdf converter website:

At present, there are many such websites which are absolutely free and provide many useful tools or features related to PDF. You can convert your file to PDF and send it to anyone through the website.

For example, if you have a photo, you can use the “photo to pdf converter” tool. If you have a word document then you can use “word to pdf converter” tool.

via LibreOffice

Basically this is an open source free office app. It provides users with the same features as MS Office. Through this you can save your document in PDF format.


If you have computer and MS office is installed in it then you can easily create PDF file. In the new version of MS office, you have also been given the option of Save as pdf in MS word, MS excel etc. Through which you can save your document in PDF format.

Useful Top Websites for PDF

So, in this episode, I am telling you about some such websites which provide many types of facilities related to pdf file. For example, this website is very useful in the work of converting image to pdf, editing an existing PDF, converting word file to pdf, converting any PDF file to other format etc. ,

Benefits of PDF

The format is quite popular:

In today’s time, whether mobile users or computer users, both will be well acquainted with the usefulness of PDF format. Broadly speaking about the utility of PDF, PDF can actually be opened in the same way on any device with any operating system. in which it is made.

Quite easy to see:

You must be familiar with that Adobe Acrobat Reader is software. Which is completely free software. And the special thing is that it is already installed in your system.

Effective in taking up less space:

As I have already told you that documents sent through pdf files prove to be effective in taking up very little space. Basically it uses a variety of image compression algorithms. This is the reason why PDF takes up very little space on the hard drive of the users.

Quite safe in terms of security settings:

Many of you people will not know that PDF file is actually not only easy to send to the user, but it is a very secure method, it has the ability to customize the security settings of the users. As it restricts printing and editing. The same draft allows the use of electronic signatures to determine the authenticity of the document.

PDF full form: Conclusion

Friends, in today’s article, you have given a very special kind of information related to pdf, which is usually available only to those who have knowledge of technical field. But in today’s era, it is very important for you to be aware of this, because sometimes you also have to send documents through online medium. In such a situation, whether the document sent through a pdf file is easy enough for people to read.

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information of pdf like, how to make pdf, utility of pdf and its benefits etc.

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