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Essay on National Bird Peacock

Essay on Peacock (150 Words)

Peacock is a very beautiful bird in appearance. The largest of all birds is the peacock bird. The national bird of India is the peacock. Peacocks are found everywhere in India. Peacock comprises of almost all colors. The color of peacock feathers is green and there are many moon-like figures in the feathers of the peacock, in which many colors are decorated.

They always like to sit in high places. We will easily find peacocks to see on peepal, neem and banyan trees. The color of the mouth and throat of a peacock is purple.

Peacock feathers are soft and very beautiful like velvet cloth. Peacock eyes are small in size. The color of the feet of the peacock is not completely white, but it is a bit muddy in white. Peacock is our national bird, we should protect it.

Essay on Peacock (300 Words)

There are many types of birds in the world. Many birds attract us with their beauty. Among them the peacock has a very important place. Peacock is the national bird of India. Its color is very beautiful and its throat is blue. It has a crest on its head. Its wings are long blue and golden in color. Peacock has feathers on its feathers. Seeing the beauty of the peacock, the poet Rabindranath had said – “O peacock, you have come to make this land of death like heaven.”

Peacock is a shy bird, which likes to stay away from people. The peacock’s voice is hoarse which can be heard even from two kilometers away. Peacocks love to live on the branches of trees. Peacocks are found almost everywhere in India. The main places in this are Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Their wings are long and big. That is why peacocks cannot fly very high. Peacocks like to walk on the ground. Peacock feathers have small petals. At the end of the wing there are purple colored figures like the moon, which are very beautiful in appearance. Their wings are hollow inside.

Peacocks are very happy when it rains and they express their happiness by spreading their feathers and dancing. When the peacock spreads its feathers, its shape is in honor of the half moon which is liked by everyone. Peacocks are already aware of the natural calamity and they give us signals in advance. Whenever a natural calamity is about to come, they start making loud noises.

Essay on Peacock (500 Words)

Peacock is a beautiful bird that likes to live with its pride. It is the national bird of our country and the king of all birds. Peacock is found everywhere in India and it is mostly found in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Peacock is also found abroad in India.

When it is the rainy season, peacocks love to spread their wings and dance under the dark clouds. As the peacock is the king of all the birds, God has also put a crest on its head in the form of a crown. The peacock is considered a sacred bird in the religious texts of India. Peacock is the center of attraction for all.

Due to the high weight of the peacock and the size of the feathers, they are not able to fly much. That’s why peacocks mostly like to walk on the ground. Its neck is long and its color is blue. Peacocks are mostly bright indigo and green in colour. A moon-like shape is made on the feathers of a peacock, which is very beautiful in appearance. Peacock has long legs.

Their beak is brown. The color of the feet is not completely white, it is muddy. All the parts of the peacock are beautiful in appearance. But peacock feet are not beautiful in appearance. The legs of the peacock are very strong and the spines are made on them which helps a lot while fighting the peacock.

A peacock is not as beautiful as a peacock. The peacock is not as attractive in appearance as the peacock is. It is smaller in size than a peacock. There is not much difference between peacock and peacock but they can be easily recognized.

The body length of a peacock can be up to 85 cm. Like a peacock, it also has a small crest on its head. The lower part of the peacock’s body is almond colored and light white. The length of the feathers of a peacock is about 1 meter and the lifespan of a peacock is from 20 to 25 years.

It takes all types of food in food. That’s why it is omnivorous. In addition to eating fruits and vegetables, it also consumes gram, wheat, millet and corn, and the peacock also feeds on harmful insects, rats, termites, lizards and snakes in the fields. Due to eating harmful insects in the fields, it is a true friend of the farmers. Peacocks mostly live in forests. But sometimes they also come into the population in search of their food.

Essay on Peacock (1000 Words)


Peacock is our national bird, which is very beautiful in appearance and when peacock dances, it spreads more beauty in nature. Peacock contains all the colours.

peacock beauty

Many birds come in our nature. All the birds attract everyone towards them because of their beauty and their texture. The most beautiful of these birds is the peacock. Its beauty is many times better than other birds and fascinates people towards it. For this reason peacock is also called the king of birds.

When there are dark clouds in the uneven and there is a rainy season, that season is the most favorite season of the peacock. In this season peacocks dance by spreading their feathers. When the peacock dances, it spreads all its feathers and the shape of those feathers looks like a half moon. The peacock is aware of the natural calamity in advance and starts speaking loudly before the disaster. The peacock’s voice can be heard up to 2 km away. Their voice is hoarse.

They are shy birds and prefer to stay away from peacock population areas. Most of the peacocks are found in forests only. Sometimes peacocks come to the population in search of their food. Peacocks like to sit on the highest branches of trees.

Peacock is found in every state of India. It is mostly found in Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Apart from India, peacock is found in many other countries. Peacocks mostly prefer to live in dry areas. Peacock is the national bird of India. Peacock was declared the national bird of India on 26 January 1963.

The structure and texture of the peacock

The national bird of India is the peacock. Peacocks mostly like to live in forests. Peacock can be easily seen mostly on Neem, Banyan and Peepal. The color of a peacock is a mixture of all colors. That is, the peacock has almost all the colors. The neck of the peacock is very short and its color is blue. In other words, the throat of a peacock is blue.

Peacock weighs much more than other birds. The weight of a peacock can range from 5 to 10 kg. Peacock feathers are very long and dense. Their wings are made up of small petals. Due to the high weight, they cannot fly much.

Peacock feathers have colors like green, blue, purple, yellow etc. Moon-like shapes are made in the feather of the peacock which makes the peacock even more beautiful. There is a moon-like shape at the end of the peacock’s feather in which all the colors are present. Peacock feathers are soft and beautiful like velvet cloth.

Their eyes are small. There is a crown of small feathers on the head of the peacock, which makes it look very beautiful. The legs of a peacock are very thin. Their color is beige. Peacock legs are very strong. A thorn grows on the feet of the peacock, which helps it in hunting and also supports the peacock in battle. The body of a peacock is as attractive as it is. There are only such legs in it which are not very attractive.

peacock food

As food, peacock is omnivorous. Peacock eats fruits and vegetables in its food. Apart from this, the peacock also eats insects, lizards, rats and snakes. The female peacock cannot hunt snakes.

Peacock eats harmful insects in the fields. For this reason it is also called a true friend of farmers. Many crops are saved from harmful insects because of the peacock.

peacock protection law

The price of peacock feathers is high in the market. Peacock feathers come out new every year. A fan, a bouquet of flowers and many herbs are also made to eat the air from peacock feathers. Because of this, the price of peacock feathers is high in the market.

Due to the high price of peacock feathers, people started hunting it and selling its feathers in the market. Gradually the number of peacocks started decreasing. Then the Government of India banned Peacock Matter under the Forest Act 1972. Even after banning, if anyone hunts a peacock, then he is punished with fine. This law is very necessary to increase the number of peacocks. After this law, there has been an increase in the number of peacocks in India.

Difference between female peacock and male peacock

Peacock is very attractive in appearance but peacock is not as attractive as peacock. The size of the peacock is smaller than the peacock and it is not able to hunt as much as the peacock. The feathers of a peacock are slightly smaller than that of a peacock. The lower part of the peacock’s body is muddy and the color of the feet is beige.

peacock species

There are three species of peacock found all over the world. In which the species found in India is the most beautiful species. Peacocks of this species are mostly found in India. Peacock can also be called the most beautiful bird in the world. No other bird can have the beauty of a peacock. The more beautiful the peacock is, the more beautiful it dances.

peacock breeding

A male peacock mates with two to five female peacocks. Each of these female peacocks lays 6 to 7 eggs. The female peacock lays her eggs inside the ground by digging a hole in the ground. The female peacock lays eggs twice a year. It takes 25 to 30 days for the chicks to hatch from the eggs. Only some of these children grow up. Because when some are young, they become prey to wild animals.

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Frequently Asked Question For Peacock Essay

What to write about peacock?

Peacock is considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world. It is also called the king of birds. It is known for its beautiful and long tail, with a crown-like crest on its head and colorful iridescent colours. The white color under the eyes, the bright long neck add to its beauty.

When was peacock declared as the national bird of India?

Due to the amazing beauty of the peacock, the Government of India declared it as the national bird on January 26, 1963. Peacock is also the national bird of our neighboring country Myanmar. The scientific name of peacock, a member of the family Phasianidae, is Pavo cristatus. In English language it is called ‘Blue Peafowl’ or ‘Peacock’.

Write a few lines on which is our national bird?

In India, peacocks are found in Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, Mizoram and parts of the eastern Indian landmass. The tail of a peacock is beautiful; Mainly when it moves in the rain. In 1963, the peacock was declared the national bird. In mythology, “Karthikeya” is called a peacock.

How do you write a peacock paragraph?

Peacock and peacock together are called peacock. It is the national bird of India. It is very beautiful with its large tail which is adorned with many delicate feathers. The feathers are blue and green and the body of the peacock is indigo color with a long shiny neck.

What is the name of the national fruit?

A fleshy fruit, which is eaten cooked or used in pickles, when raw, is the fruit of Magnifera indica, the mango, which is the most important and widely grown fruit of the tropics.

What is the name of the national animal?

The royal tiger, the leopard and the tigris are striped animals. It has a thick yellow fur coat with dark striped stripes. Due to elegance, strength, agility and immense power, the tiger has been proud as the national animal of India.

How many colors does a peacock have?

Mainly peacock is found in blue color, but it is also white, green, and purple in color. The female peacock lays eggs twice a year, the number of which ranges from 6 to 8. Babies come out in 25 to 30 days.

How old is a peacock?

The lifespan of a peacock ranges from 25 to 30 years. The length of a peacock is about 215 cm and that of a peacock is only 50 cm.

How do peacocks have babies?

Morni conceives by drinking peacock’s tears. Due to being a celibate, the fact that the peacock is the national bird is not being embraced by the people. Is it possible that a peacock gets pregnant after drinking tears? Let us tell you that peacocks and peahens also produce children in the same way as other animals and birds do.

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