Phd full form

Let’s know about Phd full form. Every person who has Dr (Doctor) in his name cannot be a doctor who treats diseases, but a person who has done a Ph.D. can also have Dr. Can put and put on. Ph.D. is the highest and most popular degree awarded in a subject. This degree is awarded after a definite course of study of a subject. Since Ph.D. is an earned research degree, students should do original research that can broaden the boundaries of knowledge.

Actually, Ph.D. is an academic degree that qualifies the holder to teach his/her chosen subject at the university level. A Ph.D. holder uses the title doctorate, that is, he has ‘Dr.’ in front of his name. puts. 

What is a Ph.D , what is the full form of a PhD, what is the process to get it, and what career paths open for you after getting a Ph.D degree – Keep reading this article till the end to know about the topics.

Ph.D. full form:

Full form of Ph.D in English is: Doctor of Philosophy

The full form of Ph.D in Hindi is: Doctor of Philosophy 

The word Philosophy definitely comes in the name of Ph.D , but the subject of Ph.D is not limited to Philosophy only. A student can pursue this degree in any academic discipline. Here the word Philosophy is derived from the Greek word ‘Philosophia’ which literally means ‘love of wisdom ‘ .  

To put it simply, Ph.D is the highest academic degree offered by the university, by which any student can make a career as a college professor or researcher.

But as I said, this is the highest degree, so it is also very difficult to get that means a lot of hard work is required.

To do Ph.D, a student has to study any one chosen subject, become an expert in it or say you have to master that subject.

How does one get a Ph.D in India? (How can one get Ph.D in India?)

To get a Ph.D degree, first you have to take a master’s degree in any discipline. MA, MCom, MSc, MBA, MPhil, PGDM, PGPM – Irrespective of master’s degree, without it you will not be able to apply for Ph.D in India. You can do Ph.D in your specialized field  , that is, the field in which you have done a master’s degree.

Before we talk about the process of getting admitted to Ph.D , let us have a look at some of the universities that offer Ph.D degree. 

  • University of Calcutta
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • University of Delhi 
  • IGNOU Delhi
  • SRM University Chennai 
  • AIIMS Delhi 
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Management (IIM)
  • Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIIT)
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
  • IISc Bangalore 
  • ICT Mumbai 

There are many more colleges and universities in India that offer  Ph.D.

Qualifications to apply for Ph.D:

  • It is mandatory for the candidates to have a full time graduation degree. 
  • Candidate must have acquired full-time master’s degree (MA, MCom, MSc, MBA, MPhil, PGDM, PGPM) from a government recognized university. Generally candidates having master’s degree on correspondence are not allowed to apply. 
  • It is necessary to obtain at least 55% marks in Master’s degree or equivalent grade points. SC/ST/OBC get relaxation in marks. 
  • Candidate must have passed SLET/NET/JRF exam. The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the NET/JRF exam, which determines the eligibility of a student to enroll in a Ph.D program in an Indian university.
  • Sometimes the candidates need to qualify the Ph.D entrance examination as mandated by the university/college to get admission in Ph.D program.
  • Some Indian universities/colleges require relevant work experience.

Ph.D. admission procedure (Admission process of Ph.D):

  • You can apply through online or offline mode.
  • Fill the Ph.D admission form online on the website of the university/college . Before filling, go to the website of the university/college and check the eligibility criteria thoroughly. If you do not fulfill the eligibility criteria then your admission form will be rejected. 
  • After completely filling the online admission form, send all the required documents. 
  • After all these formalities you will have to take part in the entrance test of the college/university. 
  • After passing in the entrance test you will be called for interview. Your Ph.D admission depends on your performance in both entrance test and interview. 
  • On passing all the rounds, you will be given a position in the university/college on the subject of your choice. 

Some of the Ph.D entrance tests in India are named below

  • GATE
  • AIIMS Ph.D Entrance Exam
  • BHU Research Entrance Test
  • IISc Ph.D Entrance Exam

There are many entrance examinations through which Ph.D candidates are admitted to the university/college. 

Career options after earning a Ph.D. (Career options after earning Ph.D.):

Along with having the qualification to teach at the university, a Ph.D. holder medical research centers; public sector and science communication; chemical research centers and laboratories; accountancy, data science or consultancy; construction, environmental protection, mineral surveying; pharmaceuticals, genomics or clinical care; One can get jobs in departments like management consultancy, finance or aeronautics.

Ph.D full form in Hindi: Conclusion

I agree that doing a PhD takes both time and effort, but it is the highest degree, you should not forget that. You can take a Ph.D degree by getting a good knowledge of your chosen subject . But to do Ph.D, you must have all the important information about it.

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information of Ph.D like what is Ph.D, full form of Ph.D, how to do Ph.D, how to do PhD . Qualification, process information etc.