Pollution Essay

Let’s know about Pollution Essay. Those unwanted elements which are against the balance of any system and are responsible for its bad condition are called pollutants and the unfavorable conditions created by them are called pollution. In other words,  the waste materials generated by us which are unbalanced the ecosystem of the environment, pollutant elements and various types of hazards arising out of their mixing in the environment are called pollution. ,

Pollution Essay
Pollution Essay

Pollution Essay 1 on Pollution (300 Words) – What is Pollution

Now we will learn about 300 words of pollution essay.


In childhood, whenever we used to go to our grandmother’s house during the summer holidays, greenery was spread everywhere. It was a pleasure to play in the lush green gardens. It was nice to hear the chirping of birds. Now that scene is nowhere to be seen.

For today’s children, such scenes have been confined to books only. Just imagine why this happened. Plants, animals, birds, humans, water, air, etc., all biotic and abiotic components together make up the environment. Everyone has a special place in the environment.

Meaning of Pollution

Pollution, the mixture of elements or pollutants in the atmosphere is called. When these pollutants get mixed in our natural resources. So due to this many negative effects arise. Pollution is mainly generated by human activities and it affects our entire ecosystem. The effects caused by pollution cause problems ranging from minor diseases to existential crises for humans. Man has cut trees indiscriminately for his selfishness. Due to which the environment has become unbalanced. Pollution is also the main reason for this imbalance.

What is pollution ? 

When undesirable elements dissolve in air, water, soil etc. to make it dirty to such an extent, that it starts affecting the health adversely, then it is called pollution. Pollution creates a natural imbalance. At the same time, it is also a danger bell for human life.

It is the responsibility of man that as much as he has harmed the environment by exploiting the natural resources mindlessly, now solve the problem of pollution equally wisely. Indiscriminate deforestation is also included in the factors of pollution. This can be controlled by planting more and more trees. Similarly, there are many measures, by adopting which efforts can be made to reduce pollution.


If we have to give a clean, safe and life-sustaining environment to our next generation, then drastic steps have to be taken in this direction. And getting control of pollution is necessary not only for our country, but for the whole earth. So that life can live on the whole earth.

Essay 2 on Pollution (400 Words) – Types of Pollution

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We first need to know that due to which of our activities pollution is increasing day by day and spreading imbalance in the environment.

Earlier there used to be many ponds in my village, but now there is not even one. Today we have made it dirty by washing our dirty clothes, bathing the animals, contaminating the houses and throwing waste water, garbage etc. in the ponds. Now his water is no longer fit to bathe or drink from anywhere. Its existence is on the verge of extinction.

Types of Pollution

There are mainly four types of pollution in the atmosphere –

  • Water Pollution _

The contaminated water coming out of the houses flows into the rivers. Garbage and waste material of factories and factories are also released in the rivers. Underground water is polluted by suitable fertilizers and insecticides in agriculture. Water pollution causes dangerous diseases like diarrhoea, jaundice, typhoid, cholera etc.

  • Air Pollution

Carbon monoxide, greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, chloro-fluorocarbons, etc., emit dangerous gases in the chimneys of factories and vehicles running on the roads. All these gases cause huge damage to the atmosphere. This has a very bad effect on our health. Asthma, Measles, TB Diseases like diphtheria, influenza, etc. are the cause of air pollution.

  • Noise Pollution

There is a limit to the hearing of a human being, all the sounds above that are enough to make him deaf. The loud noises of machines, the loud noises emanating from automobiles, have a bad effect on our health. The pollution caused by them is called noise pollution. This causes problems like insanity, irritability, restlessness, deafness etc.

  • Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is caused by the use of excessive amounts of fertilizers and insecticides in agriculture. Along with this, eating food grown in polluted soil has a negative effect on the health of humans and other animals. This pollution also spreads in the water flowing on its surface.


Prevention of pollution is very important. Environmental pollution is a big problem of today, if it is not stopped on time, then no one can save us from its complete destruction. No living being on earth can remain untouched by its effects. The lives of all the trees, plants, animals and birds are in danger because of us. We also have to protect their lives. Our existence is possible only because of their existence.

Essay 3 on Pollution (500 Words) – Causes of Pollution

Now we will learn about 500 words of pollution essay.

Pollution Essay
Pollution Essay


In 2019, a few days after Diwali, there was a pollution holiday in the capital Delhi. It was very shocking that the Delhi government had to close the school due to pollution. How sad. Such a situation has come in our country.

Environmental pollution is the biggest problem of today’s time. Excess of science has not only made our life easy, but has also contributed in increasing pollution. Man has tampered with nature a lot for his own benefit. Nature has its own law, all living beings run their life cycle according to the same rule, but we humans have tampered with it enough, due to which the balance of nature has been disturbed.

Main Reason for Pollution

Following are the main causes of pollution –

  • Deforestation _

Increasing population is also an important reason, due to which forests have been cut continuously. One of the biggest reasons behind environmental pollution is deforestation. Trees purify the environment. Due to deforestation, there is an increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The consequences of which are manifesting in the form of global warming. Because trees absorb carbon dioxide present in the environment and emit oxygen.

  • Industries _

Bhopal Gas Tragedy American company Union Carbide factory used to produce Mick gas to make pesticide chemicals. Due to the leakage of poisonous mic gas (methyl iso cyanide) in the factory of this gas plant on 2-3 December 1984, about 2500 people lost their lives and thousands were injured in a few hours. Thousands of animals also died. This incident is known as Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

This phenomenon is discussed here because it is an example of pollution caused by industrialization. Not only this, the whole world is aware of the terrible consequences caused by the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan from 6 to 9 August 1945. Japan has not yet recovered from the air pollution caused by it. Due to the attack, the destructive gases were absorbed in the entire atmosphere.

According to scientists, in the name of industrialization, 36 lakh tonnes of carbon dioxide has been released into the atmosphere in the last 100 years, due to which the temperature of our earth has increased. Apart from this, changes in weather are also happening due to this reason, such as extreme heat, flood, drought, acid rain, melting of ice, rise in sea level etc. The US alone emits about 21% of the world’s carbon into the atmosphere.


Increasing pollution has become a headache for the whole world today. Due to pollution, things are getting worse day by day. Because the whole world is serious about it. Environment Day, Water Day, Ozone Day, Earth Day, Biodiversity Day etc. are celebrated every year to spread awareness among the people. From time to time, for the protection of the environment, the Scotholm Convention, the Montreal Agreement, etc. have been held.

Essay 4 on Pollution (600 Words) – Types of Pollution and Prevention

Now we will learn about 600 words of pollution essay.


In today’s time pollution has become a global problem. It has completely changed our earth and is harming the environment day by day, which is making our life more and more difficult. Many types of organisms and species are slowly becoming extinct due to these harmful effects of pollution.

Types Of Pollution

1. Air Pollution

Air pollution is considered to be the most dangerous pollution, the main reason for this pollution is the smoke from industries and vehicles. The harmful smoke emanating from these sources also creates a hindrance in breathing for the people. Day by day growing industries and vehicles have increased the air pollution significantly. Which has created many health problems related to bronchitis and lungs.

2. Water Pollution

The waste from industries and households sometimes gets mixed in rivers and other water sources, due to which it pollutes them. Our rivers, once considered clean and holy, have become home to many diseases today because of the large amount of plastic material, chemical waste and many other types of non-biodegradable waste have been found.

3. Soil Pollution

Industrial and domestic waste that is not disposed of in water remains scattered on the ground. Although many attempts are made to recycle and reuse it, but no significant success is achieved in this. Due to such land pollution, mosquitoes, flies and other insects start growing in it, which causes many diseases in humans and other organisms.

4. Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is caused by loud machines running in factories and other loud noise machines. Along with this, vehicles on the road, the noise generated due to bursting of firecrackers, loudspeakers also increase in noise pollution. Noise pollution is the main cause of mental stress in humans, which has many side effects on the brain as well as reduces hearing power.

5. Light Pollution

Light pollution is caused by producing excessive and excessive light in an area. Light pollution arises from the excessive use of lighting objects in urban areas. Objects that produce too much light without need increase light pollution, causing many problems.

6. Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive pollution refers to the pollution which is generated in the atmosphere by unwanted radioactive elements. Radioactive pollution is generated by the explosion and testing of weapons, mining etc. Along with this, the components generated in the form of waste in nuclear power stations also increase radioactive pollution.

7. Thermal Pollution

Water is used as a coolant in many industries, which is the main reason for thermal pollution. Due to this, aquatic organisms have to deal with problems like temperature change and lack of oxygen in the water.

8. Visual Pollution

Man-made objects that affect our vision come under visual pollution such as bill boards, antennas, garbage cans, electric poles, towers, wires, vehicles, multi-storey buildings, etc.

Most Polluted City of the World

On the one hand, where many cities of the world have succeeded in reducing the level of pollution, in some cities this level is increasing very fast. Cities like Kanpur, Delhi, Varanasi, Patna, Peshawar, Karachi, Sijishuang, Heje, Chernobyl, Bemenda, Beijing and Moscow are included in the list of most polluted cities in the world. The level of air quality in these cities is very poor and along with this the problem of water and land pollution in these cities is also increasing day by day, which has made the standard of living in these cities very pathetic. This is the time when people need to develop cities as well as control pollution level.

Tips for Preventing Pollution

Now that we have known the causes and effects and types of pollution, then now we have to make efforts to stop it. By following some of these given measures, we can control the problem of pollution.

1. Car Pooling

2. Say no to firecrackers

3. Recycle/Reuse

4. Keeping your surroundings clean

5. By limiting use of pesticides and fertilizers

6. Planting Trees

7. Use Compost

8. By not using light excessively and excessively

9. By making strict rules regarding the use of radioactive substances

10. By making stringent industrial rules and regulations

11. By planned construction


Pollution is destroying our environment day by day. To stop this, we need to take necessary steps so that the beauty of our earth can remain intact. If even now we continue to ignore this problem instead of solving it, then in future we will have to face its fatal consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions For Pollution Essay

How to write an essay on pollution?

India has seen an increase in the number of vehicles on the roads. These are responsible for dispersing harmful gases like sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. These gases are responsible for reducing the amount of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. They also cause many breathing problems, respiratory diseases, many types of cancer, etc.

What is pollution and its types?

How many types of environmental pollution are there, mainly there are 4 parts of environmental pollution. In which water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution are of 4 types of pollution.

Write what is meant by pollution?

Pollution means – ‘contamination of air, water, soil etc. with unwanted substances’, which has a direct adverse effect on living organisms and other indirect effects by damage to the ecosystem. This is one of the main reasons for environmental degradation in the present time.

What is pollution Explain the problems caused by pollution?

There are many types of pollution problems. Such as the problems of water pollution, problems of air pollution, soil erosion and lack of fertility, forest development, lack of biodiversity, global warming, depletion of ozone layer.

What is meant by air pollution?

The World Health Organization has defined air pollution in this way – “Air pollution is a condition in which elements that harm humans and their environment are concentrated in the atmosphere.” The quantity of all the undesirable components present, due to which the living beings are harmed, is air.

What is air pollution, its causes and prevention?

The biggest reason behind this is the indiscriminate use of natural resources. Earlier this problem was confined to the cities only, but now this problem is increasing till the villages. With the increasing population, there has also been a huge increase in industrialization. Due to providing employment to the people, the toxic air emanating from the industry has polluted the air.

What is the main source of air pollution?

Natural sources of air pollution are volcanic eruptions, forest fires, sea salt spray, biological decay, photochemical oxidation of terpenes, marshes, extraterrestrial bodies, flowers, pollen grains of spores, etc. Radioactive minerals present in the earth’s crust are the sources of radioactivity. in the environment.

What is air pollution and measures to prevent it?

Here are some ways to prevent air pollution:
Use public vehicles instead of private vehicles because the fewer vehicles on the road, the less pollution there will be. Encourage your children to take the school bus instead of dropping them off in a private vehicle.

What are the sources of water pollution?

sources of water pollution
Domestic sewage is discharged into rivers from areas located on its banks. Excretory wastes of humans and animals in water bodies. Disposal of urban and industrial waste materials in water bodies. Industrial waste effluents from urban areas of oil, heavy metals and detergents.

What are the sources of air pollution, how does it affect human life?

One of the causes of pollution in the air is the natural means of flying dust. Due to the operation of factories or forest fires, all kinds of harmful particles enter the air, due to which pollution continues to spread in the environment. When there is a fire in the forest, it burns the forest to ashes and when this ash enters the air, it spreads pollution.

What was the effect of pollution on human life?

Effects of Pollution:
Harmful gases in the atmosphere cause throat and eye irritation, asthma as well as other respiratory problems and diseases like lung cancer. Increased radiation levels increase the risk of skin cancer.

What are the health effects of pollution?

According to WHO, air pollution affects the lungs, heart, nervous system, brain, digestive system and skin. Due to this there is a risk of asthma, other respiratory diseases, cancer, heart diseases and stroke and mental diseases.

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