Rainy Day Essay

Let’s know about Rainy Day Essay. No matter what the weather may be, a rainy day also brings a lot of relief and comfort and soothes our soul. There is no age limit to enjoy rainy days. People of almost every age enjoy it equally. Thus, rainy days are very important for many reasons.

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Rainy days are different from any other day. They hold different importance for everyone. People have different reasons to eagerly wait for the arrival of the rainy season. After all, it brings a sigh of relief to all.

a day of memorable rain

I woke up in the morning fearing to take the exam, for which I was not prepared at all. I prayed to God to cancel the exam. As I was getting ready, it started raining heavily, i got ready and went to school with my father, and to my surprise there was no limit when we learned that the school was closed that day due to rain.

I was in seventh heaven, now I didn’t have to take the exam that day. I returned with my father. Immediately after coming home, I changed my school uniform and got into my home clothes and then I started taking a shower in the rain on my terrace. Since mother was refusing, but we did not listen. I love getting wet in the rain.

I had a lot of fun in the rain with my siblings. We also made paper boats. While we were working, we saw that my mother was a pakoda maker. They served it hot with chili chutney. We enjoyed pakodas while watching the rain. It was indeed one of my most memorable rainy days.


Nature is beautiful and has many forms and scenes, each of which is different from each other and differs in their beauty. Rain is one of them that gives a real sense of joy and gratitude in times of sorrow or mourning.

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Rain is one of the most beautiful moments of nature. Precipitation is the fall of water from clouds that fall back to Earth, which is indirectly taken up by the Sun. Rain is a very beautiful moment that can make any person happy, and many people believe that God’s blessings are bestowed upon him at some specific time.

importance of rainy day

Rainy days are enjoyed by people of all ages. Kids are probably the most excited. The rainy day brings pleasant weather and boosts the mood of the children. Apart from this, it also gives them a chance to get out and play in the rain, jump in puddles and make paper boats.

Similarly, for students, a rainy day means a break from school. It gives them a break from their monotonous routine as the school declares a holiday. The joy of going to school on a rainy day and enjoying the weather and then the school is closed, is a kind of joyful experience. Students relax and spend their days doing other activities such as going out with friends.

If we look at the rainy days from the point of view of a common man, we see how it gives us relief from the heat. It changes our mood and also gives life to our dull routine. In other words, a rainy day offers a chance to rejuvenate amidst the stress.

Most importantly, we see that the rainy days are of utmost importance to the farmers. It is very essential and beneficial for the production of crops. It provides them with enough water for their crops to thrive which ultimately yields a good harvest.


Just one day of rain brings a wave of happiness on the faces of the people. Not only this, it also reduces the anguish of the thirsty earth. People of every age group keep getting happy for their own reasons. While the children rejoice as schools are closed due to rain, the elders rejoice at the pleasant weather and also enjoy several savory snacks on the pretext of rain.

Rainy Day Essay – 3 (500 words)

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The whole earth wakes up with rain. As if dancing happily. It is very fascinating to watch all this. Due to sudden rains in summer or any season, not only humans but also nature becomes blissful. His romance blossoms. As if she is thanking Indra Dev.

rainy day view

Any day it is going to rain. Already nature begins to signal. Dark clouds start spreading all over the sky. Even during the day it feels like night. Animals and birds also start expressing their happiness. Birds start chirping loudly on the trees. As if they were congratulating the rain wholeheartedly.

Every heart rejoices when the wind blows and it rains. We go to the Ganga Ghats to organize picnics. Some people go out to see the nature view. The girls gather under some big tree to enjoy the swing. She enjoys swinging on the swing. They sing sweet songs. These songs make us very happy. We bathe in rain water. Children ride paper boats in running water. How do they scream when their boats sink or are swept away by a stream of water!

Everything in nature gets a new life after the rain. The grass that had dried up the day before in the heat of summer, raises its head proudly. The cuckoo sings its melodious song from the mango tree. Its songs are so melodious that it captivates the mind.

There are pools of water everywhere. Houses and roads wash away their filth. Trees and plants take bath in rain water. They look very green. Animals and birds also enjoy the rain. Frogs become very happy after the rain and start making noise. The sound of turr-turr reverberated everywhere.

After the rain, the roads, streets and squares are covered with mud. This causes a lot of trouble. We cannot walk without spoiling our clothes. Everyone feels uncomfortable at some point. The railway track gets damaged due to heavy rains at some places. Mud is visible everywhere. Under heavy rains, some roads get damaged and get submerged and large potholes are formed. We get completely drenched. Sometimes they even fall ill. And some are also victims of skin diseases.


The whole rainy days in summer are generally filled with joy. This gives us relief. It is completely enjoyable. But if the clouds thunder and lightning starts to crack. Then our joy disappears. The roads get muddy. That’s the only thing I don’t like about rain. Cars slip a lot due to the mud on the roads. Sometimes dangerous accidents also happen.

Frequently Asked Question For Rainy Day Essay

Write a paragraph on the topic One rainy day in eight to ten sentences?

As I was getting ready, it started raining heavily. I got ready and went to school with my father, and to my surprise, we found out that the school was closed that day due to rain, i was in seventh heaven, now I didn’t have to take the exam that day. I returned with my father.

What happens in nature when it rains, write in two or three sentences?

The rainy season gives pure water for all living beings. When the fish come to lay eggs, the reproductive system in wildlife starts again. The rainy season fertilizes the soil very well. Nature blooms with flowers and produces fruits for us, so that we do not go hungry.

How do you feel on a rainy day, write in three or four sentences?

I like rainy days very much. These days the farmers try and make a lot of profits. But it can be cold in the rainy season.

What do you do to avoid the rain?

All of them can do the following to protect themselves from the rain – People – will take umbrellas or raincoats. Pigeon – Will take support of some window or oat. Earthworm – will penetrate deep into the soil. Dog- Will sit in a yard or under a tree.

How long does it take for raindrops to reach the earth?

The height at which raindrops fall and their size varies widely is difficult to give an exact figure, but given that raindrops fall at an average speed of about 14 mph and a cloud cover of about 2,500 feet Assuming the base height, a rain drop will take 2 minutes to reach the ground.

Why is rain important to us?

All living beings, animals, animals, birds, humans, trees, plants all need rain. Rain is essential for everyone. Everybody gets water because of rain. Trees are not known in plants because trees and plants wither due to strong sunlight but bloom as soon as the rains come.

What words come to your mind when you say rain, think and write?

What words come to your mind when you say ‘rain’? think and write. Answer: Green trees and plants, full pools, water, mud, umbrella, paper boat etc.

What is the reason for it to rain?

The water vapor found in the air reaches the dew point due to condensation when it comes in contact with cold substances. When the temperature of the air falls below the dew point, the water vapor starts falling to the surface in the form of water droplets or hail. This is called rain.

How does it rain from clouds?

When the clouds cool down, the gaseous steam turns into liquid water, and when it cools, it turns into ice. The process of condensation of vapor is called condensation. But that alone is not enough for it to rain. First the liquid droplets accumulate and turn into larger droplets.

What is the benefit of rain?

Benefits of rain –

  1. Rain reduces the heat and brings coolness to the atmosphere.
  2. It is only when it rains, that farmers get water for farming and crops grow.
  3. Rain is also a source of drinking water. There are many places where rainwater is collected and used as drinking water throughout the year.

How does it rain, what are the types of it?

It originates from the rise of hot and humid winds. This is the rain in the equatorial regions or calm belt. Due to the high temperature and humidity, these areas get cloudy between 2 pm and 3 pm. After a few moments of torrential rain, the rain stops by 4 pm.