RDX Full Form

Let’s know about RDX Full Form. Almost all Indians must have heard the name of Pulwama attack, according to reports in this attack, 40 Indian soldiers were attacked with RDX. From this you can get an idea of ​​how dangerous this is, about which we are not well aware.

We keep reading the name of RDX in many types of books every day and we get to hear this name in many movies as well. But do not know what it is and what is its use? For your information, let us tell you that RDX is a type of explosive which is used in many places.

We do not have good knowledge about RDX, a substance that is heard many times in films, newspapers and news, so in today’s article I will tell you what is RDX ( What is RDX in Hindi ), full form of RDX ( rdx full form ), how and who uses it, origin of RDX etc.


RDX is known as “Royal Demolition Explosive” and “Research Department Explosive” in Indian national language Hindi. The full form of RDX is “RESEARCH DEPARTMENT EXPLOSIVE” and “ROYAL DEMOLITION EXPLOSIVE”.

What is RDX?

At present, RDX is considered a more dangerous explosive than TNT. RDX is used to make very large explosions. It is a naturally degradable substance which can be decomposed by sludge, sewage and some fungus and we can also say that it can be destroyed.

It is also known as Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine. This is a very dangerous substance. This compound is used by industries like military, terrorist organizations, mines, bridge collapses, construction, etc. This compound melts at 205.5 °C and decomposes at 213 °C. RDX composite is made by spray drawing method due to its better thermal stability and less effective sensitivity.


RDX was first discovered and patented by George Frederick in 1898. Medical properties of RDX were included in this patent.

The old name of RDX used to be Cyclonite. From 1933 onwards, RDX began to be produced in very large quantities in the United States.

The important reason for this was that the United States and Canada had developed a secret process. RDX was named by the British. RDX is commonly known as cyclonit in the United States and as hexogen in Germany.


RDX is completely an organic compound, due to some physical properties inside it, these properties bind it, which is something like

  • RDX is a solid metal.
  • RDX does not have any kind of odor.
  • It is a white crystal-like solid.
  • Water and any other organic liquid cannot dissolve in it.
  • The melting temperature of RDX is 205.5 °C.
  •  The molecular weight of RDX is 222.12 G/mol
  •  RDX can be decomposed at 213 °C.

Why was RDX used the most in World War 2?

RDX was used the most in World War Two because it was very easy to make explosives and it was available at very low prices.

One reason for this was also that it was very easy to manufacture, so it could be easily obtained on a large scale. The second reason is that it is a very powerful explosive that is why it was used on a very large scale in World War 2 as bombs, missiles, tanks etc.

Where RDX is used

RDX is an organic compound with the formula O2N2CH2. RDX is white in appearance and does not have any kind of odor and taste. RDX is mostly used by the Indian Army and the military of other countries.

As we all know, there are many different types of weapons and explosives in the military. RDX is mixed with those explosives, which is why the bomb blast is even more powerful. 

RDX is used in many gold, mineral etc. mines and it is also used in bomb blasting by terrorist organizations.

After all, how poisonous is RDX (HOW TOXIC IS RDX)

Research on the toxicity of RDX has been going on for many years. And the result is that RDX is a very dangerous compound.

If we take the example of the Vietnam War, about 40 US soldiers were hospitalized and this was due to the C4 composition of the RDX. This compound was inhaled by the soldiers, due to which many types of symptoms started appearing inside them. These symptoms were vomiting, dizziness, convulsions etc.

The toxicity of RDX depends on its physical form. The toxicity of RDX on the human body is minimal. But it reacts very fast on animals. RDX is mixed with many types of chemicals during explosion and this is because it cannot contaminate the surrounding environment.

Can a common man use RDX

A license and permission letter are required to use RDX. This permission letter and license is given only to those businesses that meet the criteria to use it.

For the layman, RDX can only be used as a rat poison.

RDX Full Form: Conclusion! 

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information of RDX like RDX kya hai , RDX full form ( RDX full form in Hindi ) , how deadly is RDX, can common man use it, who use RDX does etc.

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