Road Safety Week

many cities in India; Like- Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Vadodara, Pune or Poona, Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad, Chandigarh etc. Roads Safety Week is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. By organizing many programs related to road safety, people are encouraged about how to drive on the road.

During the entire week of the campaign, various types of educational banners, safety posters, safety films, pocket guides and leaflets related to roads safety are given to the road travellers. They are encouraged about roads safety when traveling on the road; That is, a planned, well organized and professional way of traveling. Those people who drive vehicles in the wrong way, are given rose flowers and requested them to follow the roads safety standards and traffic rules.

road safety week 2021

The 32nd National Roads Safety Week 2021 was observed as “National Road Safety Month” from 18 January (Monday) to 17 February (Wednesday).

Road Safety Week 2021 Special

  • This year, National Road Safety Week 2021 was observed as “National Road Safety Month” from January 18 (Monday) to February 17 (Wednesday).
  • For the first time in 2021, National Road Safety Week was observed for a month.

road safety week 2020 special

  • The theme of the Road Safety Week for the year 2020 was “Sadak Suraksha – Jeevan Raksha”. Which simply means follow the road rules with caution and secure your life.
  • Mahindra, a traffic generation company, in association with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, took part in an initiative to spread awareness among people across the country in view of the Road Safety Week. Under this awareness campaign, he trained people to avoid road accidents and road safety rules throughout the week.
  • Mumbai Police, with the help of some volunteers, pleaded not to do so by giving roses to drivers not wearing helmets.
  • Bihar’s state transport minister Sanjay Kumar Nirala ordered strict implementation of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 in rural areas as well. So that awareness can be spread among the people in rural areas also and road accidents can be reduced.
  • In Jamshedpur, a rally of bikes was taken out on 14 January and a program called Run for Safety was organized on 17 January to spread information among the people while starting the Road Safety Week.

How is Road Safety Week celebrated?

Road Safety Week is celebrated by the following activities:

  • Road safety leaflets including roses, chocolates and flowers are distributed among road travellers.
  • The road users are explained about the means, methods and requirements of road safety. They must wear a helmet or seat belt while driving anywhere on the road.
  • Organized various painting and art competitions, road safety announcements, exhibitions, road rules testing, scooter rally for girls to encourage use of helmets, debates on road safety on All India Radio, workshops, seminars etc. goes.
  • Free medical check-up and driving training workshops are also organized to encourage drivers towards road safety.
  • Road safety quiz competitions are also organized to promote road safety.
  • Card games, puzzles, board games including traffic safety games etc. are organized to educate the school children.

Why is it necessary to organize a road safety week campaign

The Road Safety Campaign is an initiative by ISS India, HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) to make people aware about the safety of national roads in the Indian subcontinent. ISS India had announced to observe Road Safety Week throughout the week in the first week of January in the country. The goal of organizing this campaign was to emphasize on safe road travel by just following simple rules for road safety.

According to statistics it is recorded that, every year around one lakh people die in road accidents, or some of them suffer from mental trauma, loss of memory, loss of arm or leg, troublesome problems for the whole life. become. Due to such situations, the importance and need of road safety measures increases, especially in India. There is a huge population of road travelers in India like two wheelers, four leg vehicles etc, so they should know about road safety even more.

Various stakeholders for this; Efforts are also needed from communities, transport sector, insurance sectors, health sectors, police, legal sector, educational sector, highway builders, engineers, vehicle manufacturers, public agencies, NGOs etc. Students are given huge opportunity to participate in road safety, to bring some change, the youth of the country should first understand.

Theme of Road Safety Week

  • Road Safety Week 2021 (National Road Safety Month) Theme: “Sadak Suraksha-Jeevan Raksha”.
  • The theme of Road Safety Week 2019 was: “Road Safety – Jeevan Raksha”.
  • The theme for road safety in the year 2018 was “Sadak Suraksha Jeevan Raksha”.
  • The theme for Road Safety in the year 2017 was “Your Safety, Protects Your Family – Stay Alert on the Road”.
  • The theme of Road Safety Week 2015 was “Creating a Safe Culture for Sustainable Supply Chains” and “Safety is not just a slogan, it is a way of life”.
  • The theme of the Road Safety Week 2014 was “Road Safety”.
  • The theme of Road Safety Week 2013 was “Stay alive, don’t drive under the influence of alcohol” to create awareness among people about not to drive while intoxicated.
  • The theme of Road Safety Week 2011 was “Road Safety is a campaign, not a gap”.

Objectives of celebrating road safety week

  • The objective of celebrating Road Safety Campaign is to promote the means of road safety among the people in the community, schools, colleges, workshops, roads etc.
  • To reduce and completely eliminate road accidents, road accident deaths and injuries by using road safety equipment.
  • Encouraging all passengers to follow traffic rules and wear helmets or seat belts while driving.
  • To implement new means of safety that have been proven to reduce the risk of road accidents, death or injury.
  • To make people aware about the speed limit of vehicles to avoid road accidents.
  • To make people aware not to drive when tired or intoxicated and not to use phone or radio while driving.

Know how Road Safety Day is celebrated in India?

In our country, the National Safety Council established by the Government of India, together with the Ministry of Road Transport and State Governments organizes Road Safety Day in the month of January every year in India.

For this, assistance is provided by the central government to the state government for road safety campaigns. It is a joint exercise by the government and non-governmental organizations, which is celebrated to reduce the incidents on the road and to create awareness among the people about the rules of road safety.

Many cities run many awareness campaigns to make the public aware about this subject, in which people are told about traffic rules and signs. Many schools and colleges take part in these campaigns and distribute road safety leaflets and pamphlets among the people.

Along with this, the inspection campaign of drivers and motorcyclists is also conducted by the local administration and people are strictly instructed not to drive under the influence of alcohol and follow other traffic rules. Along with this, the drivers are given information about traffic rules and signs and are instructed to take care of their own safety as well as the safety of others on the road.

Causes that increase accidents and how can they be prevented?

There are many such reasons, due to which there are many horrific accidents on the road. These major road accidents are mentioned below.

1.) Drunk driving

Every day around 20 people lose their lives in road accidents in India. An intoxicated person or a drunken driving person drives the vehicle very recklessly and at a high speed, so that these people not only endanger his own life but also the lives of others. A drunken person driving a motorbike or even a pedestrian on the road can cause many major accidents.

what can be done to stop it

For its prevention, the drivers should be inspected regularly by the local administration so that it can be found out that if any person is driving the vehicle after drinking alcohol and if someone is driving after drinking alcohol in more than the prescribed quantity, then strict action should be taken against him. He should be dealt with and strict action should be taken against him. Along with this, there is a need to further reduce the alcohol standard set at present so that the accidents on the road can be reduced.

2.) Minor Driver

The age for obtaining a driving license for geared vehicles in India has been fixed at 18 years. Also, for vehicles without 50 cc gears, this age is 16 years but, permission is required by the family of the driver. Similarly, the age of driving a commercial vehicle has been fixed at 20 years. Even though the right age for license has been fixed by the government, many people get vehicle license at a young age by conniving with government officials and through touts. For which he provides fake documents of his age, by such rigging he not only creates danger for himself but also creates a lot of danger for others.

what can be done to stop it

For this, the government should issue strict instructions and there is a need to take a strict action against those who drive without a license and along with this, the background check of those who are issued licenses must be done. Along with this, parents should also be taught not to drive their children without a license and people’s license should be made only when they pass the driving test.

3.) Not driving carefully

There are many reasons for not driving carefully, such as talking on the phone while driving, sending messages while driving, talking to colleagues, playing songs in loud voice are such actions which increase accidents. You should remember that you are not alone on the road, there are many people and animals on the road other than you, which can be a victim of accidents due to your slight carelessness because just a few seconds of carelessness proves fatal for you. Might be possible. According to an estimate, sending a message while driving increases the chances of an accident by 28 times. A driver who does not drive carefully puts his life as well as that of others in danger.

what can be done to stop it

The best way to prevent such accidents is to bring changes in your habits such as not talking or texting on the phone while driving etc. Along with this, you should also be aware of the areas around you. Apart from this, those who talk or message on the phone while driving should also be fined and if there is no improvement in them even after this, they should be punished with imprisonment. Along with this, the people who do this should also be made aware by their family.

4.) Practical Reasons

Along with this, many people deliberately do not follow the traffic rules such as not wearing a helmet, not wearing a seat belt, breaking the signal or driving in a restricted lane etc. Such habits prove to be fatal in road accidents as a good helmet protects your head from any serious injury in any kind of accident.

what can be done to stop it

Law-setting bodies to prevent traffic violations should regularly investigate this matter and heavy fines should be imposed on the person who is caught driving without helmet or without seat belt so that he does not commit such mistake again. Programs should be organized regularly on this subject in schools so that people can be made aware about these rules.

5.) Pedestrians and Animals

Sometimes irregular pedestrians also cause road accidents. An erratic or intoxicated pedestrian puts his life as well as many other vehicles and motorcyclists in danger. Many accidents happen in an attempt to save lives in such cases. Along with this, India is a country whose 70 percent of the population lives in villages, so it is quite natural that in many places villages are located on both sides of the road. Due to which many times stray animals and children come suddenly on highways and national routes. Due to which the drivers get very less time to stop the vehicle, sometimes it is so short that it becomes almost impossible to avoid the accident.

what can be done to stop it

To stop this, there is a need to conduct awareness campaigns at the grassroots level. For this, we have to go to the villages and make people aware about the accidents caused by the stray animals, along with this we have to tell them about the mental and physical trauma caused to the victims of accidents and their families. Apart from this, barricading should be done on the roads near the habitats, so that animals and humans can be prevented from coming together on the roads. Along with this, the drivers should also have complete knowledge about road signs and speed capability so that accidents in such populated areas can be reduced. In a way, we can say that by bringing awareness among the people, we can bring down this type of road accidents to a great extent.

6.) Unsafe vehicle

Many unsafe and poorly maintained commercial vehicles cause many types of accidents on the roads. Such vehicles are illegally plying on the roads and are doing the work of traffic or goods transportation of the people. Any kind of accident can happen anywhere in any old and dilapidated vehicle like failure of brakes, damage to tires etc. Such vehicles endanger the lives of others as well as those driving them.

what can be done to stop it

The local traffic administration should take strict steps in this regard and such vehicles should be checked and impounded. Endangering the lives of others for one’s own benefit is an offense under the law. It is necessary to check the fitness certificate of every vehicle plying on the road. Fitness certificate should be mandatory for every vehicle and no one should get any exemption in it.

How to be safe on the roads and what to do to prevent accidents

Some points have been discussed below, by following which we can prevent road accidents-

  • Helmets should always be worn on motorcycles or bicycles.
  • The rider sitting behind should also wear a helmet.
  • People more than the capacity of the vehicle should not sit in it.
  • While driving, you should be aware of the environment around you.
  • If someone is driving the vehicle wrongly, immediately inform the administration in this matter.
  • Have complete knowledge about traffic signals and road signs.
  • Always follow road signs and speed limit rules.
  • Never break a traffic signal even if no one is watching you, always remember that it is for your own safety.
  • Always keep your vehicle and motorcycle in perfect condition.
  • Always wear a seat belt and make it a habit, even if you are driving inside the city.
  • Inform other passengers also about the rules of traffic safety.
  • Along with this, completely abandon the habit of talking on the phone, messaging or listening to songs in loud voice while driving.
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol.
  • Do not drive if you feel sleepy or dizzy.
  • Be alert and safe while driving.
  • Be sure to check the indicators and backlight of your vehicle before going out on the road.
  • Always be cautious while driving around the village or city.
  • Always take care of the stray animals and pedestrians while driving.
  • Always take care of cyclists at night.
  • Never drive a vehicle at high speed even if the road is empty as an accident can happen due to a pothole and a sudden jerk.
  • Take care of your own as well as the safety of others.
  • Never travel in crumpled passenger vehicles
  • Notify the concerned administration if a vehicle is found in poor condition.

First Global Road Safety Week of the United Nations

The first Global Road Safety Week of the United Nations was observed in 2007 from 23 April to 29 April. Its main objective was to reduce accidents around the world, many government, non-government organizations and private organizations worked together on this subject to make this event a success. Since then, this program of Road Safety Week is celebrated in different months in many countries. These countries include countries like Boston, Mexico, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Mexico etc., which do a lot of work to create awareness about road safety among the people.


Road Safety Week is an occasion when we can understand the importance of life and its safety and consider that by following traffic rules we will not only be able to save our life but also save others. Even if you are not able to directly participate in these campaigns, you can contribute a lot by following these rules. No matter how many rules are made, you should remember that the safety of your life is in your own hands and by following the traffic rules you will contribute to the safety of others as well as yourself.

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