SDO Full Form

SDO full form:  Let’s know about SDO Full Form. SDO is a powerful post, to get which one works hard every day night and even that person puts half of his life, then he gets the post of SDO.

But the most important question comes, who is the SDO? And what is the full form of SDO? How to get the post of SDO? Who can become an SDO? What are the qualifications required to become an SDO?

To get the answers to all these questions, you have to read this article till the last. First of all read What is SDO Full Form?

SDO Full Form: Who is SDO?

The full form of SDO in English is ” SUB DIVISIONAL OFFICER “. 

There is an SDO in every department of every state of our country like irrigation department, agriculture department, electricity department etc. SDO is the biggest post of any department, it is equivalent to SDM post.

SDOs are appointed by the state government in all the departments. SDO is a very status and responsible post, so every student preparing for government job aspires to become an SDO.

How to become SDO?

There are three ways to become a Sub Divisional Officer (SDO), which are as follows.

1- As we know that the government issues information sheets for various posts. For which various qualifications are required. Some students go from 10th, some from 12th and some from graduation. Everyone gets a position according to their merits, and they are promoted year after year. Due to which if they join the department at a young age and do good work diligently, then they get promoted – they become SDO one day.

2-   I told in the above paragraph that different posts require different qualifications, and people get appointed for different posts. But some people are not satisfied with their position and they want advancement in their post, but promotion happens only once in four-five years.

It takes a long time to get promoted in four-five years, to reach the post of SDO. Sometimes employees become SDO one or two years before their retirement, but for those employees who aspire to become SDO within five-six years from the beginning, there is an internal examination by the government in the department, which is conducted every year. is held. With the help of this internal examination, there is a significant increase in the posts of employees every year, and they also become SDOs.

3- Both the above methods are usually for those employees, who are appointed from 10th or 12th. To become an SDO, we have to clear the state’s PSC i.e. State Public Service Commission examination.

This exam is conducted in three phases. In which the first preliminary examination is there, in which objective type questions come to be solved. After passing the preliminary examination, there is a second examination which we call the main examination.

The main examination consists of objective type questions, which have to be solved and answered in a limited time. After passing the preliminary and main examination, there is an interview i.e. “interview” which consists of oral questions and a candidate has to answer them.

A list is prepared after passing these three exams. Whichever candidate’s name appears in this list, then according to his serial number, he is given the post. In which the post of SDO is also there.

Eligibility to become an SDO

To become an SDO i.e. Sub Divisional Officer, you must have graduation from any stream, only then you can apply for the post of SDO. Along with this, what other qualifications you should have to become an SDO officer, are given below-

  • Applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • To become an SDO officer, the applicant’s age should be between 21 to 30 years.
  • On the other hand, OBC and SC/ST candidates are given age relaxation of 3 and 5 years respectively.
  • To appear in the SDO exam, you must have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field, although information about all these things is given at the exit of the vacancy.

What is the function of SDO?

The most important work of SDO is that in whichever department he is the SDO, every work of that department should be completed in a good manner, this is the main work of SDO.

The SDO keeps an eye on his area with the help of his officers, so that there is no illegal activity anywhere in his area.

When an officer does a wrong thing, such as trespassing or coming in a wrong way from the general public, then the SDO also listens to those petty officers when such complaints come.

The SDO is the surveyor of his department. Being the omniscient, there are huge responsibilities on him. The work of an SDO is 24 hours. He can go to the office at any time in an emergency.

Suppose there is an SDO of an irrigation department, and this year there was no rain, due to which the farmers started demanding from the government to provide irrigation and they staged a protest. So in this case the SDO of the Irrigation Department will have to go and he will have to assure the farmers that we will make arrangements for irrigation by a certain date.

From this example, we learned that the SDO also has to find a solution to the problems of the people, when a serious matter comes to the fore.

Benefits of becoming an SDO, Salary of SDO:

Friends, SDO is a very prestigious job. We all want to help people but we do not have any means. If we become SDO, then we get a way to help people, so that we can help people and in return we can also get respect.

If you want to bring awareness in the society, then no one listens to a common man because a common man is a common man, people ignore his words and you are an SDO and then make people aware, then people will listen to your words and Will also implement it because you will have a respectable image in the society. 

On becoming an SDO, you get a bungalow like the government, in which 4-6 working servants are found. You get a car to go to the office as well as a driver. An SDO is given special protection. Whenever he goes, 3-4 policemen are with him under his protection.

The tank of an SDO would have been 5400 grade pay, including D. A , TA, other allowances and get about 60000 to 70000 rupees per month. This is the initial tank, later on increasing it becomes more than 1 lakh in a few years. 

SDO is a very responsible post, in which a lot of work has to be done. But when you do a good deed for someone and you get respect in return, then you feel very proud of yourself.

DSP Full Form: Conclusion

So friends, this was all the information related to an SDO or SDO officer. In this article, apart from the full form of SDO, I have also told you what is SDO, how to become an SDO officer, eligibility to become SDO, salary, other facilities etc. Detailed information is given in this article.

Friends, SDO officers get many facilities, but in India apart from the level of the country, there is a lot of respect in the society because they contribute a lot to the country.

In the end, I would like to wish you that if you have liked the information about SDO full form, how to become SDO, salary, qualification etc.