SP has the biggest post in the police department of the district. The work of handling the district is done by the SP. But the most important thing comes that what is SP FULL FORM? Who is SP? What is the job of SP? How are SPs made? What is the age required to become an SP? Which subject should be taken to become an SP? To get answers to all these questions, read this article till the last.

Today, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the youth for the job. Lakhs of students work hard day and night to join the civil service. Some want to become police, some teacher, some DSP, army, some want to become SP.

To go to any field, first of all you need to have correct and complete information about it, only then you can take the right decision at the right time. When we know that SP is a job or post associated with a police department, which is quite status and powerful, but still most people do not even know the full form of SP . That’s why today I have written this article for you. So let’s get all the information related to SP.

SP FULL FORM: What is the full form of SP?

SP is the officer of the district. The full form of SP is ” Superintendent of Police ” and it is called ” Superintendent of Police ” in Hindi .

The SP keeps the department of all the police stations coming in his district under surveillance and whatever orders are given to the SP by the government, the SP does the work of getting those rules to be followed.

Who is SP?

SP is the highest officer of the administrative department of the district. It is selected by the government in the district. In every district there is a SP juror who takes care of the law and order situation.

And all the constables, police are there in the SP police station, keeping everyone under his control, gets the work done and stops the crimes happening in the city. In simple language we can also say that SP is the head of the city. Now you have understood this, then what is the full form of SP, who is SP, then now the main question comes that how SP is formed because it is a very status post whose dream is seen by many students.

How to become SP?

Are some exams conducted by the government to become an SP? And some of its main criteria have also been kept.

In which you have to pass the exam. You are asked for a fixed height, your graduation should be complete and you have to go through a lot of tests. Read further to know in detail.

What is the height required to become SP?

To become an SP, both the height of men and women have been kept separately. A male needs 165 cm to become an SP .

And there women need 155 cm to make SP Women are given a relaxation of a few centimeters, if men or women come from a backward caste, then they are given more relaxation.

What is the age to become an SP?

To get the post of Superintendent of Police (SP) the applicant person should be between 21 years to 30 years of age. But if the application candidate falls in the backward caste, then he also gets some relaxation.

For example, the time of 3 years is extended to the OBC people, but those who come in the SC-ST category, they are extended by 5 years. Their age should be from 21 to 35 years and that of OBC people should be from 21 to 33 years.

How to become SP after graduation?

If your dream is to become an SP, then you can become an SP only after graduation.

Friends, to become an SP, first you have to become a DSP. And to become a DSP, one has to first qualify the UPSC or State PSC (State Public Service Commission) exam. If you pass all the exams in it, then you are given the post of DSP.

After this, you have to work in the post of DSP for at least 5 to 10 years, if your performance is very good with all your heart, then your post is promoted in SP. That is, it simply means that you can become a SP only through promotion.

Or another way is that, if we pass this exam with good marks, then first of all your posting is done in the post of IAS. After that you are promoted as SP very soon.

What is the qualification required to become a Sp? 

To become an SP, the candidate should have passed graduation ie graduation from any stream with good marks.

Which subject to take to become a Sp?

Some subjects have been kept by UPSC exam to become SP, out of which you should take the same subject which is your interest or the subject you can read. To become an SP, one has to read current affairs, history, political, topics.

What are the exams to be given to become an SP?

To become an SP, you have to give the exam of UPSC or state psc. Its exams are conducted by you in 3 times, that is, you have to go through three types of examinations.

  • preliminary examination
  • main exam
  • Interview

How to prepare for SP?

You can prepare for becoming an SP in two ways, either you can prepare online at home or you can prepare for SP by going to a big institute.

In this, you have to read books like political, current affairs, history, general knowledge, it takes you many years to read them. Therefore, to become an SP, you should start the preparation along with graduation.

What is the salary of SP?

The salary of SP is changed from time to time, initially the salary of SP is 56 thousand , after that it becomes 100000 after few years and it increases till 390000.

What is the power of SP?

The SP is the officer of a district and a SP is appointed in every district, the SP is the head of the district, all the police stations in the district are handled by the sp. The SP is the one who gives orders to stop the crimes committed in the district.

The power of SP is not only in one district but all over India but it is the district in which they are posted! Can work in the same district cannot work in another district.

How much does one have to study to become an SP?

To become an SP, there is no course that you have to study for 3 years or 2 years, for this you have an age limit. If you clear UPSC or PSC exam according to your age limit, then you can become an SP.

Facilities available after becoming SP

Before becoming a SP, you have to become an IPS or DSP, after that you become a SP after you are promoted, after becoming an SP, you get many facilities. like – 

  • You are given a bungalow to live in.
  • You are given free light of the bungalow.
  • And servants are also given to do the work to handle the bungalow.
  • A cook is given to prepare the food.
  • A free free car is given to you by the government.
  • And the driver is also given to you by the government.
  • Apart from this, you are given medical facility free of cost.
  • If someone in your family falls ill, you are not charged money for treatment, etc. facilities are provided.

SP full form: Conclusion

Hope you like this information, in this we have tried to give you complete information about SP like what is the full form of SP? How are SPs made? What is the salary of SP? And what facilities are given to the SP, you have been given all the information.

Friends, SP officers get many facilities, but in India apart from the level of the country, there is a lot of respect in the society because they contribute a lot to the country.

If you also have a dream that you become an SP officer and serve the country or society, correct the law and order of the district, run the law and order smoothly, then you will have to work hard for this. You should know that the State Public Service Commission exam given to become SP, Dsp or IAS is very difficult, so you have to prepare very well then you can expect good marks. Friends, our best wishes are with you.

In the end, I would like to wish you that if you liked the information about SP full form, how to become SP, salary, qualification etc. and if you got to learn something from this article, then share it on social media. Must do so that other people can also know SP full form.

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