Speech on Unemployment

Speech on Unemployment: Let us know about Speech on Unemployment. We all know that India as a nation is dealing with the problem of unemployment and our government is trying to implement some effective measures to give employment to the people of our country. The youth of the country is troubled by the lack of job opportunities. Since this is a pertinent issue for all of us, everyone has to address this issue publicly in schools, colleges, etc. to make the public aware from time to time.

Short and Long Speech on Unemployment

Speech on Unemployment – 1

Respected Manager Sir and Dear Colleagues!

As the threat of recession is looming above our heads, it becomes even more important for us to talk about it. We all know that our co-workers are being laid off due to lack of work and deteriorating financial condition of our organization. This is a situation that must be handled with utmost patience and ingenuity.

This can happen to us when one day while working in the office our manager suddenly tells us “Sorry, but it’s your last day in the office today”. Now all of you must have started thinking that what will you do, how will you earn money and how will you run your family? So let us deal with this situation with tact and tact. Before we start the conversation or discussion please allow me to give a brief speech on unemployment so that you know the reality and then evaluate your situation with the public. Trust me it will give you a lot of encouragement to face this dire situation bravely.

There are mainly three forms of unemployment – working class who are uneducated, educated people without any technical knowledge and finally technical people like engineers. Let us find out about them one by one.

The situation with the working class is such that they have to look for employment opportunities as they earn money on a daily basis so they are able to get regular employment by working in a particular place. In this precarious situation, sometimes they get employment and sometimes not, but in the condition of unemployment, they try to make a living even if their basic necessities of bread, clothes and house are not met. The condition of the workers of the city is also very similar to that of the rural laborers because they get work from time to time in some house, farm which helps them to make a living.

As you know that the population of literate people is increasing day by day the government is unable to accommodate them at the workplaces. Our educated youth are already dissatisfied with the disproportionate wages being paid to them and the threat of unemployment further depresses them. It is very unfortunate that they have to survive on very little money. Since they do not have any practical experience or technical expertise, they are only looking for clerk level jobs which are not enough to accommodate the increasing number of literate people.

Those who have technical qualifications have to face even more disappointment because they do not get a good job equal to their educational qualification. Since the number of people getting technical expertise is increasing day by day, they are also caught in the trap of unemployment. It is good that more and more people are taking education and also going for higher education but sadly the government has failed to provide them good employment opportunities. So the growing anger and frustration among our youth has become evident these days.

But instead of increasing our despair, we should think about dealing with this situation, creating self-employment opportunities and channeling our energy in that direction can lead to positive results. In this way the serious problem of unemployment can be reduced to a great extent. That’s all I had to say.

Thank you.

Speech on Unemployment – 2

Dear Employees!

It is indeed a rare occasion for me where I have got an opportunity to interact with all my employees under one roof. Today there is nothing special that you all are gathered here, but as a director of the company, I realized that there should be communication between me and the employees from time to time. Secondly, if any of you want to discuss any contemplative issue, then please do not keep any kind of nervousness in your mind. The Management Committee will surely try to solve it or bring necessary changes in the organization.

Due to the growing slowdown, I request everyone to support each other in the work and work unanimously for the betterment of our company. Actually we should consider ourselves lucky that we have job and good growth prospects. Look at people who don’t have work or are unemployed despite having a good educational background.

Do you know that the number of people who are not getting jobs is increasing day by day in our country? According to experts, this is mainly due to the economic slowdown and sluggish expansion in business activities, due to which employment generation opportunities are negligible.

Ideally, the government will have to accelerate its development measures to facilitate skill-based training activities so as to bridge the gap between demand and supply of work and provide the required qualifications. It can also help in solving the long term issue of unemployment.

Although there are people who prefer to remain unemployed themselves and are not ready to work. Such people cannot be called unemployed. Unemployment is when a person wants to work but is not able to get a qualified job. There is no doubt that our country is grappling with this serious issue of unemployment. Unfortunately many engineers, doctors, graduates or post graduates are either unemployed or underemployed. Due to rising unemployment the nation is only wasting its human resource or is not able to fully utilize its benefits.

The unemployment rate in India shows an increasing trend since 2011. At that time it was 3.5 percent. Gradually it increased to 3.6% in the year 2012 and reached to 3.7% in the year 2013. There has been no decline in the unemployment rate since then. In fact it is also observed that the rate of female unemployment is always higher than the male unemployment rate at every stage of education especially at higher level.

The very first step that our government should take is to implement strict population control measures and advise people to have small families. After this some simple measures should be taken to improve the quality of Indian education system. Our education system should be more focused on developing skills or imparting practical training rather than limiting theoretical knowledge.

After this, new employment opportunities should be created for setting up small scale cottage industries. When people are self-employed, they will not look for jobs but will themselves employ others in their business.

Now I invite the views of our employees on this issue of unemployment and all of you can also give some suggestions to deal with it.

Thank you.

Speech on Unemployment – 3

Honorable Principal, Honorable Teachers and my dear friends! Greetings to all of you from my side.

Before I begin my speech I would like to ask a question to all the senior students that how many of you know what you will do in your future? Maybe none of you know! Today I am here on stage to give a speech on unemployment in front of all of you which is directly related to my question and our future because it is the worst problem which we all can face after completion of our education . As we all know that India is a huge country of 1.32 billion population and that is why it has become a difficult task for our government to provide employment to all the job seekers in the country. India has about 356 million youth population and probably all of them have a desire to earn money but it is not an easy task for the government to provide them jobs.

There are many reasons behind the rise of this problem. Firstly our education system is not suitable. Our education should be job oriented but unfortunately it is fixed to acquire knowledge of the book. In school, students spend all their time in reading and writing books. They need practical knowledge or job oriented knowledge. The second reason is that the population of our country is large. This is due to the lack of knowledge among the people about the values ​​and benefits of small family. Our country has the second largest population in the world due to lack of education and knowledge which creates a lack of employment for the people living in the country.

There are some schemes and programs which have been started by our Government of India to solve the problem of unemployment in the country. First in 2005, the government introduced the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act to guarantee 100 days of employment to an unemployed person in a year. It has been implemented in 200 districts and will be expanded to 600 districts. Under this scheme a person is paid Rs 150 per day. India’s Ministry of Labor and Employment also launched another scheme called National Career Services Portal, a web portal, (www.ncs.gov.in). With the help of this portal the person who needs the job can get the information about the job updates and vacancies. Private vacancies and contractual jobs available in government sector are available in this portal.

The government has provided another facility. It is a weekly newspaper named Rojgar Samachar which can be accessed every Saturday evening. It gives detailed information about government jobs and vacancies available in India. It also includes information about government exams and recruitment process for government jobs. Apart from these schemes, there is also an option of self-employment through business. If a person starts a company then it can provide employment for many unemployed people and it is also a good solution to this problem.

With this I want to end my speech and I hope my speech will be useful for your future.

Thank you. have a nice day.

Speech on Unemployment – 4

Honorable Principal, Honorable Teachers and my dear friends! Good morning to all of you from my side.

Today this meeting has been organized to discuss a very important aspect which everyone is familiar with i.e. unemployment and as a teacher I have got the opportunity to host this seminar. First of all let me tell you about unemployment that it is a situation when a person who is qualified and eligible for job but he is not getting any work. The problem of unemployment has continued for many years and is still a major issue for every person who wants to find a job.

In a country like India, it becomes a difficult task that the government can provide employment to every job seeker. There are many reasons for the lack of employment in India. One of the reasons for unemployment is that India is a developing country and hence the country is modernizing. There is a shortage of jobs because of the excessive use of technical machines. Industries started using heavy machines in place of many workers and thus the workers became unemployed. Especially old people who do not know about modernization and use of technology are facing many problems.

There are many other reasons for unemployment in our country such as the education system which focuses only on hard knowledge and gives very little practical knowledge. This type of education system is called degree oriented system but we really need that system which is career oriented. If a person has put many years in school and colleges and still he is not ready for job then what is the result of those years and study. Change is needed in our education system.

There may be some business studies which will only help in enhancing the skills of the students. Another reason can also be people’s thinking. Everyone wants to do government work but it is impossible. Students need to be encouraged to start their own business. Mainly the parents or teachers create fear in the mind of the student that failure in business or self-employment is certain. This is also one of the reasons for the lack of jobs because if a person starts a business then it can provide employment to many job seekers.

One of the main reasons for the lack of job opportunities in India is its population. We see thousands of people competing for a position. India is the second most populous country in the world. It is very difficult to give jobs to lakhs of people in the government sector. There is a need to encourage the interest of the students and show them the right path through which they will be able to defeat this problem. As a teacher I would like to advise you to choose your interest as a career option.

With this, I would like to conclude my speech and would like to give special thanks to our respected Principal Sir for giving me this opportunity.

Thank you. Good day to you all.

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