Square Root of 20

Square Root of 20 Definition

Mathematically we can use the root sign to show the square roost of 20 as: 20. It is commonly called the square root of 20 in the radical form.
So what is the square root? In this case, the square roots of 20 is the amount (what we’ll call q) that when multiplied by itself equals 20.

The square root of 20 is the value of 4.472135955 . and is shown in the radical form as 20. We can easily get this value from calculator. But, students must know how to simplify the root of any number without using a calculator. This is possible using two methods: prime factorization and the long division method. Both methods are very simple and are easy ways to find the square root.

Square root of 20, 20 = 4.4721

The square root of 20 is represented as 20, where is the root sign and 20 is called the radicand. In its simplest form, 20 can be written as 2√5. So, here we cannot say that 20 is a rational number because 5 is an irrational number.

Let us now learn to find the value of 20.

20. simplification of the square root of

A simple way to find the value of 20 is to factorise a number within the root, that is, 20.

The prime factorization of 20 gives:

20 = 2 x 2 x 5 = 2 x 5

Thus, here we can see, 20 is not a perfect square, because we cannot add the digit 5 ​​after the factorization of 20. Only 2 can be taken out of the root.

Therefore, if we take the roots on both sides, we get;

20 = (2 x 2 x 5)

Here, we have only one pair of numbers, which is 2. Therefore, taking it out of the origin, we get;

20 = 2√5

From the square root table we get 5 = 2.236 . the value of is known


20 = 2 x 2.236

20 = 4.472

Using the Long Division Method

We have learned to calculate the value of the square roots of 20 using prime factorization. But this is not a direct method of finding the value because 20 is an imperfect square and we have to remember the value of 5 to find the exact value of 20.

Using the long division method, we can use an exact value of 20. The solved step is presented below to evaluate 20.

how to calculate square root of 20 with calculator

If you have a calculator, the simplest way to calculate the square roots of 20 is to use that calculator. On most calculators you can do this by typing 20 and then pressing the x key. You should get the following result:

√20 ≈ 4.4721

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