Square Root of 32

Let us today in this article we are going to calculate the square root of 32 and find out what is the square root and answer some common questions that you may do. We will also look at different methods for computing the square root of 32 (both with and without a computer/calculator).

Square root of 32 definition

Mathematically we can show the square roots of 32 by using the roots sign as: 32. It is generally referred to as the square root of 32 in radical form.
So what is the square root? In this case, the square roots of 32 is the amount (what we’ll call q) that when multiplied by itself equals 32.

What is the square root of 32?

The square of 32 is a number if multiplied by itself and the result is 32. The square roots of 32 is symbolically expressed as.


Therefore,√32. = (number × number)
Thus, if we multiply the number 5.656 twice, we get the original value of 32.
(ie) √32. = (5.656×5.656)
√32. = (5.656)2
Now, remove the square and the square root, we get
√32. = ± 5.656.

Is 32 a perfect square?

When the square root of a number is a whole number, it is called a perfect square. Perfect squares are important for many mathematical tasks and are used in everything from carpentry to more advanced subjects such as physics and astronomy.
If we look at the number 32, we know that the square roots is 5.6568542494924, and since it is not a whole number, we also know that 32 is not a perfect square.
If you want to learn more about perfect square numbers we have a list of perfect squares that covers the first 1,000 perfect square numbers.

Is 32 a rational number or an irrational number?

Another common question you may encounter when working with roots of a number like 32 is whether a given number is rational or irrational. Rational numbers can be written as fractions and irrational numbers cannot.
The fastest way to check whether a number is rational or irrational is to determine whether it is a perfect square. If it is then it is a rational number, but if it is not a perfect square then it is an irrational number.

How to Calculate the Square Root of 32 With a Calculator

The easiest and most boring way to calculate the square root of 32 is to use your calculator. Just type 32 followed by x to get the answer. We did this with our calculator and got the following answer with 9 decimal numbers:

√32 ≈ 5.656854249