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Let’s know about ST Full Form. After India became independent, many important changes were made here, which were very important. As the constitution was made to maintain law and order. And there should be no discrimination among the countrymen, for this fundamental rights have been given in the constitution. So that brothers remain fodder among the people.

But despite this, there are some shortcomings in our constitution even today, due to which amendments are often made. Take the reservation only. Due to reservation, many general category students do not get admission in the college.

Despite getting good marks in the same exam, they do not get a government job. The one who gets lesser number gets the job because he has got reservation. Well because of these cases, you must have heard three-four terms SC, ST and OBC. So let us today get information about the full form of SC, ST and OBC related to it ( SC, ST, and OBC full form ), and who are included in these categories etc.

SC, ST and OBC Full Form (SC, ST, OBC Full Form In Hindi)

SC term is actually used in relation to caste. For convenience, we call it SC. If we mention its full form, then it is “ SCHEDULED CASTES ”.

Along with this, let us tell you that the full form of ST in English is ” SCHEDULED TRIBES ”.

Another full form comes in this episode. It is important for you to know that too. If OBC mentions its full form in English then it is “ OTHER BACKWARD CLASSES ”. Let’s get to know more about all this.

People coming under SC category

As you have already been told full form. We generally consider people coming under SC i.e. Scheduled Castes as backward. The people of this class are mostly leather workers.

In the social circle, their caste is considered untouchable, which is absolutely a curse for our society. People who come under the Scheduled Castes are provided 15% reservation by our Indian Constitution in government jobs, educational institutions and other government-directed undertakings.

People coming under ST category

The people who come under the ST i.e. Scheduled Caste category have been included in the lowest order class of the society. The people of this caste are basically considered tribal untouchables living in the forests.

They have been included in the socially boycotted communities. By the Constitution of India, reservation of up to 7.5 percent was provided to the people of scheduled castes in government jobs, all educational institutions and other government-directed programs.

People coming under OBC category

If we mention the people belonging to OBC class, they are known as Other Backward Classes. It joined after the recommendation of the Mandal Commission formed in 1969. Only those people have been kept in this class who are economically weak and from the middle class.

Most of the people in this class belong to farmers, laborers and poor castes. The Indian Constitution has provided reservation of up to 27% for other backward classes in government jobs, all educational institutions and other government-directed programs.

People coming under General category

People belonging to the general caste are basically upper caste according to the standards of traditional Indian caste. It is believed that they have good social standards despite their financial demands.

Though depends on the rules framed by different states. In which income limit is very important. The Brahmin caste is mostly kept in this class. Apart from this, in all other castes, Lingayat, Muslim, Sikh, Christian etc. have been provided reservation in CAT 1,2A, 2B, 3A, 3B etc.

Very few people are aware of this that they come under the reserved category, and they can also use it to get a government job. Some people only know that only ST and SC have got reservation but it is not so.

My personal opinion about reservation

After independence, many revolutionary changes took place in the country which is commendable. Earlier there were evils like high-low, caste-pat, rich-poor in the country, it ended after independence. The law of reservation was passed to uplift the downtrodden class. But this ruined the future of the other class. You must have some idea about it because a film has also been made about this subject. In which reservation has been shown as a curse for other class students.

In my opinion, two things should be completely abolished in the country. First of all, the feeling of caste, high and low, by the people of the big class, the small or backward class is seen and behaved with the feeling of low.

And the second is reservation because at present there is no such class, which is backward. Everyone is being given a chance to move forward. In such a situation, reservation has become a curse in today’s time.

A competitive student should get the job on the basis of his/her merit and not by the relaxation availed in the reservation. Students should get admission in college or job according to their merit. Reservation is an evil in the society, it should be removed from our constitution.

I am saying this because reservation proves to be right to some extent but it is wrong in most of the way because even those people who come in backward class on the basis of caste but their income is also being taken advantage of. Accordingly, the condition of their house is not bad that they have to take reservation, in such a situation, if they take advantage of reservation, then it is wrong.

On the other hand, many people who come in the general category are also very poor, whose house condition is very bad, they need help financially or otherwise. Due to the reservation, he takes the right of the helpless people of such general category to the high-class SC, ST candidate. which is wrong.

Reservation should be given but not on the basis of caste but on the basis of need of the person. It is wrong to determine poverty and wealth on the basis of caste. So reservation should be given to those who really deserve it, who really need help or reservation.

Well what is your personal opinion about this? Do write in the comment below.

SC, ST, OBC Full Form: Conclusion

In today’s blog, you have been provided with very important information about the full form of SC, ST and OBC. Along with caste, information has also been given about the evil prevailing in the country. As Indian citizens, it is very important for us to be aware of this. Apart from OBC, the citizens of our country also come from st and sc sections. About what their background is, you are provided with half-incomplete information at the school level. But through today’s special article, you were provided with more special information.

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information of SC, ST And OBC like, SC, ST And OBC full form,  SC class Who comes in the ST category, who comes in the ST category, who comes in the OBC category,  etc.

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