Superstition Essay

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Essay on Superstition

Essay on Superstition in 100 words.

People believe in superstitions even when they are at rest. how shameful it is. So what is the use of taking so much education? The biggest reason for having superstition is the fear in our mind. Then it is about death or something, but this fear sows the seeds of our superstition and this superstition continues for generations.

So if we want to progress then today we will try to get rid of this superstition by promising everyone that I will not have superstition and will try to remove the superstition of whoever keeps it. If everyone keeps this money in mind, then the worm of superstition will be crushed forever.

Essay on Superstition in 300 words

Superstition is a curse. What do you think about this? First, what exactly is superstition? Superstition is believing in something without thinking and believing in it beyond all limits, whether it is belief in God or man. Fear is the first cause of superstition. Fear of death, fear of failing in examination, fear of not getting job etc. There are many frightening instances in which a person feels vulnerable.

And to overcome that fear, man resorts to superstition. And that’s what makes him superstitious. India has the highest number of superstitions in the country. Because the people here believe in God very much. And that’s why some people take advantage of it. I believe that God’s command should be obeyed. And believing in him is not a bad thing. But even more important is the ability to distinguish between true and false. Humanity should be considered as the highest religion of any human being.

Because there is no religion greater than the religion of humanity. And the hypocritical father takes advantage of this fear in us. Those who do such evil deeds in the name of God which no one can even think of. School-college going children are also no less. They are dreaming of success in the examination by tying the rope given to them by some father. There are many remedies with the help of which we can defeat this superstition.

If we do things like believe in ourselves, remove our fear, then superstition will be removed forever, it will not take much time and it will also benefit human and our India will move forward.

Essay on Superstition in 500 words

Believing in something without medical consideration is called superstition. Your job won’t work because the cat has walked through your streets, or if someone sneezes, something will happen or something will happen. This is called superstition.

Because if we consider all this scientifically, then all these things are irrational and baseless. There are some of us who earn money in the wrong way. People are looted and God is given money, necklaces, sweets, coconuts and they think that by doing all this we will get a place in heaven but it is all wrong. You are doing evil deeds and believing in superstition without believing in humanity. Instead, help the poor and do good deeds that please God.

Many traditions are preserved in our society. Man should cherish those orthodox traditions but see faith in them, not superstition. People intentionally donate to the temple when there are festivals, be it money or anything else. Actually, God needs that money. Instead, give it to someone in need. You are also fasting during the festival. But not eating can harm your body. And will God be pleased with such miseries? Earlier, fasting was observed on the occasion of Kali festival as the body gets a day off from its daily work.

And that’s right too. But people also added the name of God to this fast. And this is not a belief but the same change in superstition. We do so much wrong in the name of God. As an offering to God or any other offering, but if we give the same thing to a hungry person, will God like it? Will God eat whatever we offer? We ruin all these things before God. So if you do good to people of similar faith, won’t God like it all? But man has also made God his business.

And we fall prey to it. If there is no trace of your belief or there is no self harm, then that belief must be preserved. You must have heard that chickens and goats are sacrificed to God. Tell me, has God ever said that I have to sacrifice chickens and goats? No right then why we? We are killing those poor dumb animals at the feet of superstition. What are you going to get by doing this?

Superstition is a pest in our country. You must have often heard that superstitions are mostly practiced by uneducated people. But there are no less educated people like you. You must have heard many times in the news that the left veil of secret money was open. Therefore, this superstition should not affect our future generations. Therefore, we can get rid of this curse only when we start the work of eradicating superstition from ourselves.


Today in this post we learned about the essay on superstition i.e. essay on superstition. We have learned this essay in 100, 300 and 500 words.