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Preface – (Essay on Postman Essay on Postman)

Postman has a lot of importance in our life. If there was no postman, today we would not have been able to reach our favorite and important news.

Meaning of postman?

A postman is a government employee who travels from place to place and delivers the message to the people. As soon as the name of the postman is taken, a person is imagined who rides a bicycle wearing a simple dress and does the work of distributing messages from place to place.

People know it by many names like- dak babu, postman, postman brother, postman uncle and the people of the village also call it angel because it gives them the necessary information.

Usually in rural areas, they are seen wearing khaki colored pants and shirt, wearing a khaki colored cap on their head and on their shoulders there is definitely a simple bag made of leather which holds the necessary letters etc.

The job of a postman is very difficult as he has to move from one area to another in different localities, streets and houses to deliver the message.

Their job is to deliver letters, telegrams, money orders and parcels etc. to the people. People wait anxiously for its arrival. It brings very good news to some and sad news to some.

Postmen are not very educated, but they have knowledge of some other languages, which helps them a lot in reading the address written on the post and other important things.

Work of the Postman

The job of a postman is more difficult than that of a professional person. They leave home for their work in the morning and return home after finishing their work late at night, for which they do not even get any special salary.

Their work is very challenging because they have to face winter , summer and rain . have to do their work even inEven when they fall ill, sometimes they are not even given leave, which has a serious impact on their health. The postmen first sort out the mail from different areas and then stamp them and deliver it to the given address.

Even after working day and night, their wages are very low, due to which it becomes very difficult to survive for the whole month. Even after getting such a low salary, they do their work with full diligence and honesty.

There are many important papers, money and other documents in their bag, due to which they have to face robbers many times while going on the way. Many times they have to compensate for any such accident with their own money.

History of Postman History of Postman

In ancient times , even when there was no resource facility, postmen used to do their work. In the olden times, the King Maharaja kept a separate postman for himself who can also be called an ambassador. Lord Clive introduced the postal system for the first time in 1766, which was set in motion by Warren Hasting in 1774. Post office in India was given national importance on 1 October 1854. The word postman has become a basic link in people’s life. The place of the postman in the folk literature of every sect of India is said to be very high.

The postman is the only employee in the whole country with whom the residents are well acquainted. People eagerly wait for the information brought by them.

Life of a Postman Life of a Postman

The postman acts as a main link for people to connect with people. It roams the whole village or city and brings to the people their necessary letters, telegrams and money etc. safely and safely.

Their life is really very difficult. After roaming the streets of villages and cities throughout the day, informing the people that they had come for him, when the postman returns home, he does not care about any other work.

The postman has to go to many such places which he has to face a lot of difficulty to cross. Even after being so honest about their work, their salary is not enough to meet their essential needs.

During the days of festivals, on the one hand, people prepare and eat new dishes with enthusiasm in their homes, while on the other hand the postmen are busy in distributing letters to the people on that day too.

No matter what the season or any festival in the country, but the postman never gets a holiday. Sometimes due to deteriorating health, they are given very difficult leave which is of very few days.

In fact, they are very poor and can hardly meet their expenses from the salary they get. Sometimes when people are happy to read the letter, sometimes they give some money to them.

Importance of Postman

The postman has become an important place in the life of the people. Most of the people living in rural areas are not educated and these people get their letters and telegrams done by postman. Many times people take help from them in writing letters to their relatives.

If seen, the postman mainly helps many people in writing letters and reading letters. In today’s time, there are many areas where such facilities have not been developed, but with the help of the postman, people are connected to this world.

Postman face thousands of difficulties in his whole life and fulfill his duty sincerely to facilitate the people.

Realizing the importance of the postman, the Government of India has taken several necessary decisions, under which provision has been made for pension for the postmen and for a reasonable salary to make a living. October 9 is celebrated as World Post Day all over the world.

10 Sentences on Postman Few Lines on Postman

  1. A postman is a government employee who carries essential information from one place to another.
  2.  Their main job is to deliver letters, telegrams, money orders and other necessary documents to the people.
  3. Post office in India was given national importance on 1 October 1854.
  4.  The work of the postman starts in the morning and ends in the late night which is very tiring.
  5. Their dress is khaki colored uniform and cap.
  6.  They carry a bag on their shoulders in which the essential things kept are to be distributed to them.
  7. The salary of postmen is much less than the salary of other government employees.
  8. October 9 is celebrated as World Post Day all over the world.
  9. The postman gets leave very rarely and for a very short time.
  10.  Postmen help the less educated people in rural areas to read and write letters.

Conclusion Conclusion

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