TRP Full Form

TRP full form: Almost everyone watches some show on television. Some like to watch serials, some like to watch reality shows and some just watch news channels. All the TV programs keep doing something to increase their TRP so that most of the people watch their program and their show comes on the top ranking of TRP . These ranks keep changing.

Today, the program which is on the first rank of TRP , do you know whether it will get down to the second, third or fifth rank next week. Whereas a program with a lower rank can achieve the top rank of TRP .

You already know all these things, but today we are going to give you a new information. You are aware of the word TRP , but do you know what is TRP , full form of TRP , what it means for TV programs and how TRP is calculated. To know all these things, you have to read this article till the end.

TRP Full Form: What is TRP, its full form

The full form of TRP in English is – “Television Rating Point”.

The full form of TRP in Hindi is “Television Rating Point”.

What is TRP?

TRP is a criterion used to measure which TV programs are the most popular. It assesses the preferences of the audience. It helps in determining the most popular TV channels and programs or provides information about their popularity. TRP shows which channel or program viewers are watching frequently.

TRP measures what percentage of people are watching a particular channel or program in a given period of time. A TRP marks a percentage of the audience in a specified city. 

TRP is not a new system. It started in 1993. At that time TRP data was available from the State Government’s Doordarshan Audience Rating (DART) which was collected by its own 40 offices and 100 Government All India Radio Stations. Gradually many changes came and now BARC calculates TRP . We will provide you further information about BARC.

How does TRP matter?

Since the advertisers i.e. the people or the companies that get the ads run their ads during the top ranked programs, the information from TRP is very useful for the advertisers.

A program with a high TRP shows that it is watched by many people. TRP is also important for channels because higher TRP brings more ads, and time slots with more viewers are more valuable for which channels get more profit. 

Programs with higher ratings are encouraged, whereas programs with lower ratings are on the verge of closure. 

TRP also has a big hand in the INCOME of the channel. If the TRP of a channel is high then the INCOME of that channel is also high. If TRP is working then the income of that channel is also less.

We all see the advertisements coming in between the shows on TV many times. All these ads are priced according to the TRP of the channel. If the TRP of a channel is high then its advertisement cost will also be high.

In a way, TRP reflects the goodwill of the TV program. The TRP of Tv program keeps fluctuating. It is not necessary that if the TRP of a program is high today, then it will always be high, that work can also be done. If any TV channel is showing any popular show or news and viewers are also liking to watch it, then the TRP of that channel will increase. So you must have understood that what is TRP FULL FORM and what it means.


Trp rate is the rate by which the TRP of any channel is determined. TRP rates determine how much any program is shown. 

There are two very important sources of income for any program. Sponsorship and Advertisement. If the TRP of a channel is high, then its viewers are also more votes. If someone’s TRP is work, then his audience is also work. According to the viewership of the audience, different brands and companies advertise to the channels. More TRP means more ads and more ads means more income. Work TRP means less advertisement and less income.

The direct connection of TRP is linked to the income and popularity of the channel.

How is TRP calculated?

Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) in India uses “BAR-O-meters” to determine TRP . BARC was established in 2014. BARC is the world’s largest organization for measuring television viewership.

Currently, BARC is India’s only rating agency for the broadcasting industry, thanks to its joint venture with TAM. Every Thursday BARC announces the weekly TRP results which ranks all the TV networks and programs. A “BAR-O-meter” has been installed by BARC in about 45,000 randomly selected households. BARC considers these families as representatives of the whole country.

The New Consumer Classification System (NCCS) divides these families on the basis of factors like social, economic and region. 

These “BAR-O-meters” have a panel that looks like a box. This panel has buttons with numbers unique to each member of the household. When a member of the household starts a channel, then he has to enter that number to know which channel he is watching for how long.

These impressions are then calculated to decide which program or channel people watched on average over a period of a few minutes. This shows the  TRP .

There is another technique of TRP calculation which is called photo matching method. Under this technique, an image of the program or channel being watched is recorded in the “people’s meter”. The information about what people are watching on TV is collected from select homes in the form of images. After analyzing these, TRP is determined.

Are TRP figures really accurate?

TRP figures are not always accurate. It is very easy to tamper with these figures. Broadcasters can track 45,000 families selected by BARC and bribe them to watch their channel.

In addition, they can pay cable companies to make their channel a “landing page” so that their channel appears first when the TV is on. The landing page is the first channel that automatically appears first after you activate the set-top box.

When you turn on the set top box in your home, then one or the other channel will come automatically on your TV. This is called landing page. Due to these manipulations and false data, the target audience is mis-estimated by the advertisers, resulting in loss of crores of rupees to them.

Recently a popular news channel was accused of tampering with data. During investigation, it was revealed that the people of the channel regularly paid money to barometer users to increase the viewership of their channel or program so that they could watch their channel. Thus the metering system was manipulated.

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TRP Full Form: Conclusion

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information of TRP like, TRP full form, How TRP is calculated? , Utility of TRP and its advantages etc.