Village Life Essay

Let us know about Village Life Essay.


Village Life Essay

Village life is simple and connected with the soil. The people in the village lead a simple life. Everyone likes the pure atmosphere of the village. People often get disturbed by the urban life and prefer the peaceful environment and natural beauty of the village.

People in the village stay away from the life of gimmicks and appearances. Most of the people get up early in the village. From the beginning of the day people get busy in their daily work. In most of the houses in the village, men work outside and women take care of the house. (Village Life Essay)

Children get ready in the morning and go to their village school. Pollution remains low in the village, as most people travel on foot or by bicycle. If they have to go far, they get a bus in front of a bus stand near the village.  

Most of the people in the village do agriculture. Some people have their own farms and some people work on rented farms of others. Most of the rented farms belong to the landlords. The zamindars were found exploiting the farmers in the earlier times.

Now the farmers have become alert from all these things, but still in many villages, farmers and their families are tortured for the interest of the farm and moneylender. Tourists also come from far and wide to see the beauty of the village . There are Sarpanch and Panchayat to solve the problems and problems of the village. (Village Life Essay)

Features of Rural Life and Village Living

less pollution in the village

There are not many means of transport in the villages as compared to the cities. The population of cities is more, so there are traffic jams on the roads every day. Factories and vehicles in cities have increased air pollution. The excess heat and pollution in the cities is the result of all these things.

There is nothing like this in the village. There is not much pollution in the village and the greenery of the village , the fresh air and the fields of the village attract everyone’s attention. 

life of labor and satisfaction 

The people of the village work harder than the urban people from morning till night. Village people do not have so many facilities. He does all the work at home and outside himself and does not use any modern means.

The people of the village are happy , content in their small house and in their simple life . Village life is slow , not as fast as in cities. There is one thing which is not there in the life of the cities , that is the peace and tranquility which is there in the village.

Social People and Affinity

The people of the village live together and celebrate the festival together with all the people. The people of the village have more belongingness and they respect all the people. The people of the village mostly socialize with each other’s family members, whereas in the cities most of the people prefer to live on their own. The people of the village do not have much money, but still they lead a fulfilling life.

Village simplicity and lifestyle 

Most of the houses in the village are made of mud. The people of the village cook food on an earthen stove. Now the village is being settled in a new way by the Prime Minister and the government. Now pucca and strong houses are being built in the village for the needy people under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Along with this, gas cylinders are being given to the mothers of the village. 

Apart from agriculture, the people of the village rear cows and buffaloes , keep chickens and goats, so that they can get milk and eggs. He does employment by selling all these things. The people of the village do not need to buy vegetables and fruits. They grow and eat vegetables themselves.

Generally people use bullock cart in the village. At present, in many villages, people also drive motor bikes. Farming is also done scientifically in the fields. This has benefited the farmers a lot, because they are doing farming in modern ways. Farmers now use tractors on the fields. (Village Life Essay)

good road connectivity 

However, in the village, the government has built roads according to the rural plan. But still there are some villages where there are no pucca roads. People find it difficult to travel from one place to another.

In some villages the roads are still unpaved and there are big potholes too. The condition of these roads becomes worse during the rainy season. Rural people have to face many problems.

medical facilities 

Now the government is providing facilities in the medical field in the village. When the condition of patients is critical in a village, the facility of ambulance service has also been started. The government is opening medical centers in every village, but the government still needs to do a lot for the progress of the villages.

lack of education facilities 

Schools have been built in many villages now. There is still a lack of means of education in the village in many places. There is no special arrangement for higher education in the village. Villagers hardly go to the cities by adding money, while due to lack of money, some students are able to study till school.

The government needs to solve this matter. There should be good education system in the villages. Everyone has equal right on education. Often students from villages have to move to cities to get good education. If there are adequate facilities of education in the village also, then no one will need to go out to study. (Village Life Essay)

Lack of education among rural girls 

Some families do not feel the need to educate girls in the village. Such people are old-fashioned. He thinks girls should do household chores. This thinking is wrong and due to all these superstition girls are not able to go to school in the village. 

Everyone has a birth right on education. Now there has been a change in this thinking of the people of the village. Now girls are being sent to study in some villages. All children and elders in the village should also be educated.

lack of employment opportunities 

The progress in the villages is less as compared to the cities. The migration of the people of the villages towards the cities is the result of this. There is a lack of employment opportunities in the village. People are often needed in cities for big factories , offices and business etc. That’s why the people of the village leave their home and village and go to the cities, so that they can earn some money. 

more preference to men 

In many villages there is still discrimination between boys and girls. The decisions taken by men in households are considered important and right. Men have the right to take decisions in the village and women only take care of the house.

lack of basic necessities 

The village lacks a variety of daily and basic necessities. People are deprived of many facilities due to being illiterate and they do not even know. In some villages electricity and water are inconvenient. 

Every year farmers have to deal with drought and they get worried for a drop of water. At present, the government has made hospital facilities in some villages , but many villages do not have a systematic hospital. 

Patients suddenly have to go to government hospitals located in the cities when they fall ill more than necessary. Some villages do not even have a school system. Due to paucity of money, they do not get the opportunity to go far and study in school.

It is important to have a good sanitation system in the village. Most of the people in the village have to face problems like cleanliness. Still some villages do not have toilet facilities. Due to this women have to face a lot.

dazzle of cities 

The people of the village like to live a simple and simple life. Some people get attracted by the glare of the cities. Such people leave the village to take up employment in the cities. After a few months, they have to face a lot of problems due to the day-to-day inflationary life of the cities. 

Many people come from village to city to get jobs in cities. Only a few of them are able to live in cities permanently. Poor people are also forced to live in slums in cities and face difficulties.

power outage 

There is no electricity facility in many villages of the country. This is the most important facility, which should be in the village. Due to the absence of electricity, people have to face difficulties in working at night.


Rural life is very beautiful and associated with the simplicity of nature. The beauty of the country comes from the village itself. The government should make more schemes from its side, so that the life of the village can be better. All the facilities should be implemented in villages as in cities.