What is Cot theta

What is Cot theta: The inverse tangent function is the cotangent, expressed in two ways: cot( theta)=1/tan(theta ) or cot(theta)=cos(theta)/sin(theta).

Also, what does it mean when sin is less than 0?

Quadrant II – sine is positive, cosine and tangent are negative. Quadrant IV – sine and tangent are negative, cosine is positive. The most appropriate quadrant for your description is the quadrant IV because sin theta must be less than 0 and cos theta must be greater than 0.

Here, what is 30 degree cot?

cot(30°) The correct value of cot ( 30° ) is 3 .

Also to know what is the antonym of cos? NS is the reciprocal of the biting cosine. It is the ratio of the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle to the adjacent angle of the given angle.

Which quadrant is sin negative?

So sine will be negative if y is negative, which is in the third and fourth quadrants . So the tangent is negative in QII and QIV, and the sine is negative in QIII and QIV.

Which quadrant sin is less than 0?

The only quadrant where x is positive, so cos(x)>0 , and y is negative, so sin(x)<0 , is the fourth quadrant .

What is ASTC rule?

ASTC is the abbreviation for the ‘All Sin Cos Tan’ rule in trigonometry. The first letter of the third word T indicates that the tangent in the third quadrant and its inverse is positive. … the first letter of the last word C indicates that the cosine and its inverse are positive in the fourth quadrant.

How do you find the cot 45 degrees?

cot(45°) The correct value of cot ( 45° ) is 1 .

What is the Cradle of 60?

The correct value of cot(60) is 1 .

What is CSC and COT?

The cotangent of x is defined as the cosine of x divided by the sine of x: cot x = cos x sin x. The secant of x 1 is divided by the cosine of x: sec x = 1 cos x, and the cosecant of x divided by the sine of x 1 is defined ascsc x = 1 sin x .

Is cot tan 1?

Cotangent tangent is not the same as inverse. The cotangent function is

equal to the inverse of the tangent function



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What is Cot theta

Is sin 1 the same as csc?

sin – 1x = sin – 1 (x), sometimes interpreted as (sin(x)) – 1 = 1sin(x) = csc(x) or cosecant of x, trigonometric function sine multiplication inverse (or inverse) (see above for ambiguity)

What is arcsin equal to?

The arcsine function is

the inverse of the sine function

. It returns the angle whose sine is the given number.


sin 30 = 0.5Meaning: sine 0.5 of 30 degrees. Is
arcsine 0.5 = 30Meaning: The angle whose sin is 0.5 is 30 degrees.
What is Cot theta

Where is point XY located?

The horizontal axis in the coordinate plane is called the x-axis. The vertical axis is called the y-axis. The point at which two axes intersect is called origin . The origin is at 0 on the x-axis and 0 on the y-axis.

Where is CSC negative?

Therefore, the covariance of angles:

The one that ends in quadrants I and II is positive; that finally quadrants III and IV are negative.

Can the hypotenuse be negative?

So by this logic, the hypotenuse (and any length, for that matter) of a triangle can not be negative and therefore must be positive.

The value of sin is 0?

Answer) In mathematics the value of sin 0 degree is always 0 . equal to .

Why is tan positive quadrant 3?

The tangent is positive for angles in quadrant III on their last side, since sine is negative and cosine is negative .

Quadrant 4 is positive or negative?

In quadrant I, both the x- and y-coordinates are positive; In Quadrant II, the x-coordinate is negative, but the y-coordinate is positive; Both are negative in quadrant III; And in quadrant IV, x is positive but y is negative .

How do I remember ASTC?

All students take calculus . Each quadrant of the plane has a mnemonic for the sign of each of the trigonometric functions. The letters ASTC indicate which trigonometric functions are positive, starting in the top right quadrant 1 and running counterclockwise through quadrants 2 through 4.

Is cos 93 positive or negative?

What is cos 93°? In a circle with radius r, horizontal axis x and vertical axis y, 93° is the angle formed by two sides x and r; r is moving counterclockwise positive angle.

5 What are trigonometric functions?

Main Trigonometric Functions

  • sign (sin)
  • cosine (cos)
  • tangent (tan)
  • seconds (seconds)
  • Cosecant (CSC)
  • cot (cot)

How do you find cot 45 without a calculator?

Using a reference triangle and the ratio of A/O, we can find the cotangent of 45. Answer: (((sqrt(2))/2)/((sqrt(2))/2)), then can be simplified to cot(45) = 1 . Hope this will help!

What is the value of cot 30 and cot 45?

Cosec 30 + Cot45 =2+1=3. As in 3. Option C is the correct answer.

Why is 45 degrees a special angle?

So the sides of every 30,60,90 right triangle are approximately 0.5/0.866/1.0 in a particular ratio. – Basic trigonometry uses the ratio of ‘angle size’ to ‘side length’ of respective triangles. The angle of 45 degrees is also special because it is found twice in every isosceles triangle .