What is the difference between metaphase 1 and metaphase 2

Let us know what is the difference between metaphase 1 and metaphase 2Metaphase is one of the four stages of nuclear division in eukaryotic cells. The four stages of cell division in eukaryotes include prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. During metaphase, a cell’s chromosomes condense to their second most condensed state. The membranous nucleus breaks off, and the condensed chromosomes align at the cell equator in metaphase. The cell equator is known as the metaphase plate or the equatorial plate. Two nuclear divisions in meiosis, meiosis 1 and meiosis 2 produce diploid germ cells. Metaphase 1 is associated with meiosis 1, whereas metaphase 2 is associated with meiosis 2. The main difference between metaphase 1 and 2 is thatDuring metaphase 1, chromosomes at the equator are attached as pairs and during metaphase 2, single chromosomes are attached to 2. Equator.

What is the difference between metaphase 1 and metaphase 2
What is the difference between metaphase 1 and metaphase 2

What is metaphase 1

During metaphase 1, homologous pairs of chromosomes (tetrads) in the metaphase plate are attached to the meiotic spindle. Before metaphase 1, kinetochores form around the centromere. The kinetochore is a protein variety that attaches to the nucleus of the spindle’s microtubules. The opposite pole bears the centroid of the cell. Highly coiled and densely packed chromosome pairs are attached to the microtubules of the meiotic spindle via kinetochores. Chromosome pairs are arranged equilaterally from the poles, due to an imbalance of forces pulled by the microtubules to the opposite poles. Microtubules from one pole are attached to the kinetochores of a chromosome, which are towards that pole. On the other hand, the microtubules of the second pole are attached to the kinetochores of the second chromosome which is towards the other pole.

What is metaphase 2

Metaphase 2 is similar to metaphase in mitosis. During metaphase 2, individual chromosomes are arranged in the metaphase plate. Single chromosomes are attached to the microtubules of the meiotic spindle via the kinetochores of each centromere. The sister chromatids of each chromosome are separated due to the pulling force created by the microtubules. In metaphase 2, the metaphase plate rotates in 90° from the metaphase plate originating from metaphase I.

Difference Between Metaphase 1 and 2


Metaphase 1: Metaphase 1 is associated with meiosis 1.

Metaphase 2: Metaphase 2 is associated with meiosis 2.

arrangement of chromosomes

Metaphase 1: The tetrads are arranged at the metaphase equator.

Metaphase 2: Single chromosomes are arranged at the metaphase equator.

attachment of chromosomes

Metaphase 1: Microtubules of one pole are attached to the kinetochores of one of the two chromosomes facing the same pole.

Metaphase 2: Microtubules on either side of the same chromosome are attached to the kinetochores of the centromere.


Metaphase 1: Single chromosomes move to opposite poles in anaphase 1.

Metaphase 2: A pair of sister chromatids move to opposite poles at anaphase 2.

metaphase plate

Metaphase 1: The metaphase plate is arranged equidistant from opposite poles.

Metaphase 2: The metaphase plate rotates 90 degrees compared to metaphase 1.

What is Metaphase 1 Meiosis?

In metaphase I, homologous pairs of chromosomes align on either side of the equatorial plate. Then, in anaphase I, the spindle fibers contract and pull the homologous pair containing the two chromatids, away from each other and toward each pole of the cell.

What happens in the metaphase stage?

In mitosis, it is also ensured that the two daughter cells have the same number of chromosomes and hence have the same characteristics as the parent cell. Chromosomes condense and become visible. Asterisks are formed and start moving towards the poles. The nuclear membrane begins to disintegrate.

Why is metaphase 1 important?

A type of cell division that results in the formation of gametes, cells have half the normal number of chromosomes. , The tetrads stay together which ensures that during the first division, each cell will receive one chromosome from each homologous pair.

Which specific part of each chromosome is located at the metaphase plate?

In metaphase, the centromeres of chromosomes call themselves at the metaphase plate (or equatorial plate), an imaginary line equidistant from the two centrosome poles.

Where is the chromosome found?

Chromosomes are found in the nucleus of the cell. They carry genes and help in inheritance or transfer of characters from parent to offspring. Explanation: The most important function of chromosomes is to carry the basic genetic material – DNA.

Who makes the pole in mitosis?

Chromosomes reach the poles through spindle fibers to form two groups. The chromosomes begin to uncoil and form the chromatin network. The nucleus art and the nucleus become visible again. Two daughter nuclei are formed.

What is the main function of chromosomes?

Chromosomes are filamentous bodies found in the cells of all plants and animals, which are known to determine and transmit genetic properties. Y chromosome is known as male determining chromosome. It is a smaller chromosome than its partner X.


In classical cytogenetics, it is very important to analyze metaphase chromosomes. Most of the condensed and coiled chromosomes generated in metaphase make analysis easier at this stage. Cells in short-term cultures can be arrested at metaphase using inhibitors.

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