Who Invented Exams

Today we will read Who Invented Exams. Friends, do you know how the school and college you give exams today started? If not, then in this post today we will know who invented the exam and when and how it happened, complete information related to etc.

Exams are good for many students, but for many students it is also a big problem. Many students are worried that why these exams are held and who would have started them after all?

So there is some similar curiosity in you and you also want to know the searcher of the exam, then you have come to the right post.

Because in this post you are going to get complete information about the inventor of the exam or exam, so read this post carefully till the end.

What is Exam -Who Invented Exams

Exam or examination is an educational assessment system. The main objective of the examination is to measure the knowledge, skill , ability etc. of any candidate .Through the examination of any student, the study done by him in the whole year is evaluated, apart from this, if you take part in any competitive examination, then your eligibility is checked by him that how qualified you are for that post. Is. Different systems of examination are used in different regions or at different places, such as written examination in many places and oral examination in many places. But the purpose of every test is only to measure your aptitude, knowledge, skills etc. Let us now know who discovered the exam? And when was the exam invented?

Now if we talk about the discoverer of the exam, then different names come out from different sources, in many sources it has been told that Sir Henry Fischel  was the first person who invented the exam in the 19th century.

Henry A. Fischel was born on 20 November 1913 and was working as a professor at Indiana University. It has been told in many sources that it was the first person who discovered the exam.

He also discussed and told about the subject of the exam in America and many other places, he believed that it is necessary to investigate about it before reaching any conclusion.

He believed that students study for the whole year and reach the next class, but without exams it is not known which student has how much ability and who has worked hard.

Exam started from China

It is also known from many sources that the exam was discovered in China a long time ago. The purpose of the royal review, established by the Sui dynasty in 605 AD, was to select the right candidate for government posts.

At that time the system of examination was implemented to select people according to their merit instead of birth, due to which only the qualified person could be employed in the court of the king of Sui dynasty, although after 1300 years in the year 1905 this arrangement was done by the Qing dynasty. was shut down.

Why exam is necessary in present time

Why is the exam important in the present time, let us know through some points.

  1. The test gives information about the intelligence and aptitude of any person.
  2. Any person can be assessed by the examination that how hard he has worked.
  3. It is only through the examination that it is known that how much a student is eligible to go to the next class.
  4. Eligible candidates can be selected for any post with the help of exam only.
  5. It is only with the help of exams that we come to know how hard we have worked and how much more effort is needed.
  6. The aptitude and intelligence of any person can be checked through the examination itself.

Thus having the exam is very important in many ways but many students also have a negative feeling towards the exam and the biggest reason for this is the wrong examination system.

What is the opinion of the students about the exam

Many students are not happy with the exam and that’s why they think that why the exam was started and as we talked about above, the main reason for this is because of the wrong examination system.

Because many parents or families judge the merit of the students only by the number obtained in their result. He wants that the student should get good marks in all the subjects but this is not possible because different students are interested in different subjects and in such a situation they are not able to get the same number in all their subjects.

Although the examination was started only for the evaluation of any student, but today you have to face the examination in every small and big task.

FAQs For Who Invented Exams

When was the exams invented and who did it?

The invented exam by Sir Henry Fischel in the late 19th century .

What was the main purpose of starting the exam?

The main purpose of introducing the exam was to check the aptitude or intelligence of any person.

Hope you must have liked our post who invented the exam and now you must have got the information about the inventor of the exam.

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