Who Invented Pen

Hello friends, in today’s post we are going to know who invented the pen? And some interesting information related to it in detail.

Pen has become an important item of our daily life, today we have to use pen for small tasks and most of the pen is used in the field of education.

You would know that in earlier times, peacock feathers were used with ink to write any message, but gradually its use stopped and the pen took its place.

Who Invented Pen
Who Invented Pen

In this context, many people are curious that after all, who must have invented the pen first or how it would have started its circulation, then if you also have this kind of curiosity then,

In this post you are going to get complete information related to the invention of pen, so read this post carefully till the end.

What is Pen

If we talk about pen, then it is a type of device that works to remove ink on any flat surface like paper or cloth.

We use pen in our daily life in various work like students use it to do their homework, writer uses it in his writing.

People of different professions use the pen for different tasks, whether it is to make a list of household items or to fill the amount in the check etc.

Pen is also known as pen in Hindi and its main function is to write. At present, we get to see many different types of pens like ball pen, gel pen, fountain pen or marker pen etc.

But in earlier times, before the invention of pen, only peacock feather was used to write, so let us finally know about who started using pen or who invented pen.

Who invented the pen and when

The invention of pen was also one of the great inventions and its invention cannot be attributed to any one person or scientist.

The invention of the pen first started with the fountain pen. The first fountain pen was invented  by Petrache Poenaru  .

It was only after the fountain pen that the modern pen was introduced and the invention of the ball pen was given a significant status in this area. The credit for the invention of the ball pen mainly goes to two scientists.

The first patent on ball point pen was issued on 30 October 1888 in the name of John J. Loud  (John Jacob Loud) i.e. the first ballpoint pen was invented by John J. Loud.

After that in 1938, a Hungarian newspaper editor László Bíró created a new type of pen, which included a small ball in the pen’s nozzle which was completely free.

Whenever the pen was moved on the paper for writing, it would spin the ball and release the ink on the paper and it could be written easily. László Bíró patented his invention on 15 June 1938.

when was the pen invented

If we talk about when the pen was invented, then it is very difficult to give an exact answer because writing was done even before the invention of the pen.

But if we talk about the modern pen, the ballpoint pen was first invented in the year 1888 but before that the fountain pen was invented in the year 1827. In May 1827, the French Government had issued a patent for a fountain pen to Petrac Poenaru .

History of the invention of the pen

If we talk about the history of the invention of pen, then it is not very old, the work of writing has been going on for many years before the invention of pen and even at that time ink was used to write.

According to current information, ink was first invented by the Egyptians and Chinese, the invention of ink was by mixing gum with carbon.

In the olden times, before ink was used, it was dipped in water and after that it was lowered onto paper, cloth etc. with the help of any sharp object.

Gradually this changed and bird feathers were used to dispense the ink and then over time different types of pens were used.

The first fountain pen was invented in 1827, although the pencil was invented before that, but it could also be written with a pencil without ink.

After that the ballpoint pen was invented in the year 1888 and from this the modern pen started, due to which we get to see many different types of pens today.


  1. Who invented the Fountain Pen and when?Fountain pen was first invented in 1827 by a scientist named Petrac Poenaru .
  2. Who invented the ball pen and when?The ballpoint pen was first invented in 1888 by John J. Loud.
  3. What are the pens of the pen made of?Pen boats are mainly made of stainless steel or titanium.
  4. Is pen ink toxic?Although the ink of any pen is not poisonous, but if the amount of ink has gone into the stomach more than your mouth, then please drink more amount of water.

Conclusion –

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