Who is the father of computer

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Who is the father of computer?

Charles Babbage is called the fathers of computer , who was born in 1791. He had planned to build an Analytical Engine which was a start in the field of computers.

This analytical engine was very large in size, which was powered by steam. Programs could be stored by this machine made by Charles Babbage. Also it was able to calculate and print the result.

Charles Babbage is known as the “Father of Computer  due to the most complex design and discovery of the first mechanical computer .

Charles Babbage has a huge contribution behind the computers we see today. The first mechanical computer was discovered under his leadership, hence he is also called the ” discoverer of computer “.

Due to his work and various discoveries, he also got a lot of popularity and respect at that time, which later became a big name in the discovery of computers.

Who was Charles Babbage?

Charles Babbage was a mathematician, inventor, philosopher and mechanical engineer, born in 1791. He first started work in the field of computing and first designed the basic design of computers through his analytical engine hence he is known as “Fathers of Computer”.

NameCharles Babbage
Birth26 December 1791 London, England
death18 October 1871, Marleybone, London, England
nationalityEnglish (England)
work areaMathematics, Political Economy, Engineering, Computer Science
InstituteTrinity College, Cambridge
educationPeterhouse, Cambridge 
InfluencedJohn Stuart Mill, Karl Marx
fameFather of Computer

Why is Charles Babbage called the father of computer?

Charles Babbage is regarded as the father of the computer because of his research into machines that computed. He invented a machine called the Analytical Engine, which is a model of today’s computers.

Babbage was the first person who first told about the basic idea of ​​computer, hence he is known as ‘Fathers and Father of Computer’.

What is the name of computer?

The name of computer in Hindi is “Computer”, which is inspired from the name of computer “calculator”.

Who is the mother of computer?

Ada Lovelace is called the mother of computer, who was an English mathematician and writer. He worked on the Analytical Engine created by Charles Babbage, which you call a computer and was the first to understand that this machine can do many other things along with ‘pure computation’.

Who is the father of personal computer?

Henry Edward Robert is called the fathers of the personal computer, who first coined the term “personal computer”. A person computer is designed with a microprocessor, which is usually a small computer.

Who is the father of modern computer?

Alan Turing, considered the father of the modern computer, was a British mathematician and logician. He was born on 23 June 1912 in London, England. He invented the Turing machine, which is responsible for the concept of algorithms and computation.

Who is the father of Indian super computer?

Vijay Bhatkar is known as the father of the Indian supercomputer, who led the development of the ultimate supercomputer in India.


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Today the whole world is becoming modern due to the invention of computer. The main credit for its discovery is given to Charles Babbage, who first worked in the field of computing, so many people also call him the “father of computer”.

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